Kylas CRM Software Comparison

Choosing the right CRM can be tricky and overwhelming, especially if you are a growing business. While all these features, customizability, and affordability are great, your team needs a little more support to compete with your industry's biggest and the best. Our CRM software comparison will help you choose between Kylas and other Sales CRMs so that you get the best deal in your budget!

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Kylas v/s Other Sales CRMs

Parameters Kylas Zoho-Standard Freshsales Bitrix 24 LeadSquared
Total cost for the team per month if billed annually-(Avg sales team size=10) INR 9,999/mo INR 13,000/mo INR 11,990/mo INR 7,395/mo INR 12,500/mo
No of licenses UNLIMITED 10 10 UNLIMITED 10
Free Trial 15 days 15 days 21 days 15 days 15 days
Cost of implementation (Account setup & Customization, Configuration) INR 25,000 INR 1,04,000
(INR 1,300/- per man hour)
INR 3,75,000
(for 10-24 sales team members)
INR 1,04,000
(INR 1,300/- Per man hour)
(keeping industry standard man hours and cost per hr)
INR 30,000 to INR 50,000
Email/ ticketing support Yes Yes Yes No No
Escalation Response- TAT Within 1 hr 8 hrs (for a paid support plan) Within 1 day Within 1 hr 30 mins- 8 hours depending on urgency level of incident
Lead pipeline Yes, Unlimited Pipelines No No No No
Deal pipeline Yes, Unlimited Pipelines No No No No
Custom Dashboard Yes, Unlimited 10 Widgets/ dashboard Yes No No
AI Engine Coming Soon Yes Yes Yes Yes
G2 Winter Reports Featured in Winter 2022 Featured in Winter 2022 Featured in Winter 2022 Not Featured Not Featured
Webinar Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
One on One consultation Yes No No No No
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