What is the advantage
of onboarding Unlimited Users?

Do you think it’s only about saving on license costs? NO!!! Your entire team needs to use 1 common tool to achieve revenue goals.

1. Unlimited Users = Streamlined Processes

Imagine a scenario, where all your team members are able to collaborate on 1 common platform.

All the teams can function brilliantly within their designated TAT while handing-off the client seamlessly from 1 team to the other. Each team can also provide crucial insights and feedback which can help you identify the right customers for your business and chase the right opportunities to reach revenue goals faster.

  • All teams can function within their designated TAT while handing-off the client seamlessly from 1 team to the other.
  • Each team can provide crucial insights and feedback which can help you identify the right customers.
  • You can chase the right opportunities to reach revenue goals faster.

The result? Everything functions perfectly & your business grows!

leads Inquiry in FinTech CRM

Marketing Team runs ads on multiple platforms, leads flow in from your ads and get captured in your CRM.

leads Inquiry in FinTech CRM

Calling team reaches out to the leads routed to them, understands client requirements and records details in CRM

leads Inquiry in FinTech CRM

Sales team reaches out to the potential clients assigned to them by the calling team for a detailed discussion about the product/ service offerings.

leads Inquiry in FinTech CRM

Client is nurtured throughout the various pipeline stages across the buying journey with relevant content and converts to become a paying customer.

leads Inquiry in FinTech CRM

Customer Support Team stays in touch with the client for any feedback and to resolve any issues, and maintains all these conversations in the CRM.

leads Inquiry in FinTech CRM

Finance Team is able to keep track of payments made by customers and also can help in follow-up on pending payments.


2. Unlimited Users =

As your business expands, so will your team! But accommodating everyone can often mean keeping track of additional user licenses and purchasing them month after month.

Instead of worrying about the number of new user licenses you now have to pay for, your focus should be on onboarding your new team members and making them productive at the earliest.

With Unlimited Users from Kylas, you can make this shift easily- from merely adding new users to truly celebrating them!

leads Inquiry in FinTech CRM

3. Unlimited Users =
Faster Growth!

To keep your customers engaged, you will invariably use multiple communication solutions, be it WhatsApp, website bots, SMS, Email or Calling tools. You will also use lead generation platforms, payment & invoicing platforms, desking software etc. to keep your business running effectively. All these channels and the teams managing them need to converge with all their data and insights onto 1 platform- Your Sales CRM.

With unlimited users, you can track any employee’s performance over time. You can assess their work, appreciate them and coach them on challenge areas. You can aggregate the data at the level of teams, departments, regions and headquarters for a nuanced understanding of how your business is doing. You can also correlate work performance with customer satisfaction and revenue.

And how will that help? You will have all the relevant information at your fingertips to help you make the right decisions for your business.

FinTech Sales Team Efficiency

Onboard All Your
Teams On Kylas!

Kylas Helps Your Marketing Team With:

  • Actionable insights for optimizing Marketing Campaigns
  • Understanding Target Audience trends and preferences to hit the right ICP
  • Mapping the entire customer journey
  • Identifying the most effective channels
Workflow Automation

Kylas Helps Your Pre-Sales Team With:

  • Prioritizing high-intent leads
  • Click-to-call to connect with clients quickly
  • Timely follow-up
  • Collaboration with sales and marketing team
  • Customer knowledge
  • Automating admin tasks
Workflow Automation

Kylas Helps Your Sales Team With:

  • Prioritizing the right deals
  • Timely follow-ups
  • Complete overview of your pipeline
  • Automated and contextual communication with clients
  • Notifications and reminders of tasks and follow-up
  • Workflow Automation
Workflow Automation

Kylas Helps Your Finance Team With:

  • Real-time data on sales and revenue
  • Accurate monthly forecasts
  • Real time payment tracking
  • Insights on churns and refunds
  • Historical data for enhanced Financial Planning
Workflow Automation

Kylas Helps Your Customer Support Team With:

  • Complete view of every customer, their purchase history, and interactions.
  • Identification: at-risk customer and upsell/cross-sell opportunities
  • Client and Ticket management
  • Status of client onboarding
Workflow Automation

Kylas Helps Your Business Ops Team With:

  • Streamlining business workflows
  • Detailed Reports on operational efficiencies
  • Task assignment
  • Automating admin tasks
  • Improved Team Collaboration
Workflow Automation

And that’s just the tip of the iceberg! Kylas can do a lot more for your teams.

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Our Customers Love Us

Kylas helps us monitor the work of all our teams. It is user-friendly and has helped us save a lot of time in our operations. I find the features of automation, customization, reporting and API Integration offered by Kylas to be very helpful.

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Prakash R. Co-Founder, Finbits

I'd like to commend Kylas on its reliability as well as the excellent technical support they provide to their customers. We have not used any software that has matched its user friendliness so far. Thank you Kylas!

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Amit MishraOwner, New Step Technology

Why Kylas?

Easy to Use CRM

Kylas Sales CRM is built to be easy to use, even for CRM beginners. Just sign up and get going!

Expert Help

Kylas offers free business expertise to help you make the most of it with timely support to address any issues you may have.

Secure Technology

Kylas Sales CRM is built on a solid technology stack, so your data is in good hands - safe and available at all times

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What does 'Unlimited Users' mean?

It means adding as many users to the platform as required without additional license costs.

If you had a limited set of licenses with per-user pricing, employees will tend to share logins and you wont be able to get a crystal-clear picture of individual & group level performance. Additionally, shared logins may also present a security issue with some employees seeing information that may not pertain to their role.

Are there any hidden fees associated with adding more users?

No, you won't be charged extra based on the number of users you onboard. There might be additional add-on costs for features.

Will all users have the same level of access?

Your company's admin defines user roles and permissions in Kylas. So, while you can have unlimited users, you can still restrict their access based on your preference.

How does 'Unlimited Users' benefit my business?

It ensures scalability, allowing your team to grow without added CRM costs. It also promotes collaboration by allowing everyone in your organization to have access.

Is the performance of the CRM impacted when many users are logged in simultaneously?

Kylas is designed for true collaboration. Its performance won't be impacted when multiple users are logged in simultaneously.

Can I integrate with other tools and platforms seamlessly with so many users?

The number of users typically doesn't affect integrations. You can easily integrate Kylas with other tools and platforms.

How secure is the data with unlimited users accessing the platform?

Security is a top priority for us. We have encryptions and VAPT certification to ensure data safety. We also offer IP restrictions as an add-on for more security.

What kind of support can I expect with so many users onboard?

We have an in-house support team that ensures your onboarding and training is smooth. We also conduct weekly product training to train new CRM users on the platform.

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