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Selling Can Be Tough!

Navigating through a maze of leads and staying on top of performance everyday can be challenging for your sales team. To truly ace the target they need more than just motivation; they need the right tool!

How can a Sales CRM improve your Revenue Engine


increase in
monthly sales


improvement in
sales productivity


more accuracy in
sales forecasting


reduction in
sales cycle


increase in
customer retention

Kylas-#TheBetterCRM For Your Sales Team!

Kylas is an enterprise-grade CRM designed for growing businesses just like yours! It helps you identify the right sales opportunities & supports your sales efforts to increase your chances of success!

Workflow Automation

Your sales team is always busy- reaching out to prospects, following up with clients, and making those crucial sales. With such jam-packed schedules, even the most dedicated salesperson can find it hard to keep up. Our workflow automation understands just how busy your team is. By automating routine tasks, Kylas ensures your team can focus on what truly matters: building relationships and closing deals.

  • ✅ Auto-lead capture
  • ✅ Lead routing
  • ✅ Automated email, SMS, and WhatsApp
  • ✅ Auto-schedule tasks
  • ✅ Auto-edit fields
  • ✅ Auto-update stages

Lead Management

Your sales team deals with a lot of leads daily; it's easy for them to feel overwhelmed and possibly overlook high-intent prospects or miss important details. They need help to zero in on leads that have higher chances of success. With Kylas, not only can sales teams seamlessly monitor lead activities, but they can also efficiently identify those with a greater likelihood of conversion.

  • ✅ Lead Tracking
  • ✅ Custom Lead Pipelines
  • ✅ Automated Lead Nurturing
  • ✅ Lead Filtering
  • ✅ Conversion Mapping
  • ✅ Lead Reports


Your growing business is unique, as are its processes and needs. You deserve a CRM system that not only caters to these distinctive requirements but also resonates with your sales processes. Kylas sales CRM is tailor-made to align with your business's individuality. It helps you to customize the platform so that your sales team always has a tool that mirrors their known processes!

  • ✅ Custom fields
  • ✅ Custom pipelines
  • ✅ Custom dashboards
  • ✅ Custom workflows
  • ✅ Custom Layouts
  • ✅ Role-based Access
  • ✅ Custom Goals
  • ✅ Custom Reports

Sales Management

When you are dealing with multiple departments, services, and products, a one-size-fits-all sales approach is not only restrictive but also risky. It can lead to missed opportunities or, even worse, lost sales. Kylas manages all your sales processes seamlessly and gives you a 360-degree view of all sales activities.

  • ✅ Multiple Pipeline management
  • ✅ Data segmentation as per departments
  • ✅ Team or product-based sales dashboards
  • ✅ Role-based access
  • ✅ Product & Service Catalogue
  • ✅ Collaboration module

Reports and Dashboards

Your salespeople dedicate substantial time gathering, organizing, and integrating customer data from various channels. But what's the use of having all this data if it doesn't drive actionable insights for your business? Kylas enables you to visualize your data through custom reports, providing a clear lens to assess and optimize your performance.

  • ✅ Sales dashboard
  • ✅ Real Time Reports
  • ✅ Reports on Goals Vs Achievements
  • ✅ Revenue Forecasting
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Kylas Integrates With 70+ Popular Business Apps

Kylas helps you integrate with your go-to business tools to complement the function of your CRM. You can easily enhance your productivity and boost your ROI with seamless integrations. With Kylas, you get access to a marketplace, offering you an ever-expanding selection of apps to connect with.

Kylas Authkey Integration
Kylas SETU KYC Integration
Kylas MSG91 Integration
Kylas Kylas Dialer Integration
Kylas MS Teams Notifier Integration
Kylas Tata Tele Business Services Integration
Kylas Google Ads Integration
Kylas Facebook Integration
Kylas Shopify Integration
Kylas Gmail Integration
Kylas Wati Integration
Kylas Interakt Integration
Kylas MyOperator Integration
Kylas Mailchimp Integration
Kylas Outlook Integration
Kylas Razorpay Integration
Kylas Zoho Books Integration
Kylas Digio Integration
Kylas Bi & Analytics integration Integration
Kylas Netcore Integration
Kylas JustDial Integration
Kylas Voxbay Integration
Kylas Big V Telecom Integration
Kylas Facebook Remarketing Integration
Kylas CallerDesk Integration
Kylas Go2markets Integration
Kylas DialDesk Integration
Kylas PayU Integration
Kylas Trade India Integration
Kylas Kylas Field Calculator Integration
Kylas Tubelight Caller Integration
Kylas Kylas Routing Engine Integration
Kylas Pinnacle Integration
Kylas Moplet Integration
Kylas Whatzapi Integration
Kylas Tubelight Whatsapp Integration
Kylas Green Ads Global Integration
Kylas IndiaMart Integration
Kylas Sulekha Integration
Kylas Mailjet Integration
Kylas Gupshup Integration
Kylas Integration
Kylas Airtel Integration
Kylas Servetel Integration
Kylas Quikr Integration
Kylas Stripe Integration
Kylas Zendesk Integration
Kylas Quickbooks Integration
Kylas Zapier Integration
Kylas Knowlarity Integration
Kylas Integrately Integration
Kylas Ozonetel Integration
Kylas Twilio Integration
Kylas Gupshup Integration
Kylas Exotel Integration
Kylas Mcube Integration
Kylas Tata Tele Integration
Kylas AiSensy Integration
Kylas Aircall Integration
Kylas Integration
Kylas Gallabox Integration
Kylas Kaleyra Integration
Kylas Bonvoice Integration
Kylas Pinnacle Integration
Kylas Sakari Integration
Kylas Msg Advert Integration
Kylas OneXtel Integration
Kylas Twilio Message Integration
Kylas Cloudshopee Integration
Kylas MagicBricks Integration
Kylas 99 Acres Integration
Kylas India Property Integration
Kylas Property Wala Integration
Kylas Roof & Floor Integration
Kylas Livesquare Integration
Kylas Common Floor Integration
Kylas Makaan Integration
Kylas Arka Integration
Kylas IRIS Integration
Kylas Campaign Influence  Integration
Kylas Quotation Builder Integration
Kylas Kylas Product Recommendation Integration
Kylas Channel Partner Management Integration
Kylas Keep In Touch Integration
Kylas Tubelight SMS Integration
Kylas SMS Insta Integration
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“We switched from ZOHO because Kylas offered us the same features at an affordable price” kylas Check kylas Check

Gurjeet SinghTender Manager, Candid Optronix

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Why Kylas Sales CRM is the best bet for you!

FeaturesKylas ElevateZoho
Hubspot ProfessionalPipedrive AdvancedSalesforce Professional
Pricing for 10 usersINR 12,999/moINR 14,400/moINR 25,000/moINR 82,624/moINR 16,550/moINR 61,290/mo
Lead Managementkylas Checkkylas Checkkylas Checkkylas Checkkylas Checkkylas Check
Deal Managementkylas Checkkylas Checkkylas Checkkylas Checkkylas Checkkylas Cross
Pipeline Managementkylas Checkkylas Checkkylas Checkkylas Checkkylas Checkkylas Check
Workflow Automationkylas Checkkylas Checkkylas Crosskylas Checkkylas Checkkylas Cross
Onboarding & Training by In-House CRM Expertkylas Checkkylas Crosskylas Crosskylas Crosskylas Crosskylas Cross
Customizationskylas Checkkylas Crosskylas Checkkylas Checkkylas Checkkylas Check
Mobile Accesskylas Checkkylas Checkkylas Checkkylas Checkkylas Checkkylas Check
SMS Insta

“We chose Kylas over Leadsquared because of its cost effectiveness and easy workflows.” kylas Check kylas Check

Ritesh Agarwal Co-Founder, Winworld Realty

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Rewards and Recognitions

Rewards And Recognition


Our growing list of happy customers can vouch that we go beyond just meeting data security needs - we exceed them.

  • check iconIP-based restriction

  • check icon256-bit SSL data encryption

  • check iconISO 27001 certified

Why Sales Teams Love Kylas?

Easy to Use CRM

Kylas Sales CRM is the #4th Easiest to Use CRM globally! Just sign up and get going.

Expert Help

Kylas offers FREE business expertise to help you make the most of it with timely support to address any issues you may have.

Secure Technology

Kylas Sales CRM is built on a solid technology stack, so your data is in good hands - safe & available at all times.


How does Kylas resolves CRM challenges compared to other CRM tools?

  • 14% of businesses cannot keep up with increasing cost of CRM every month. Kylas offers unlimited user licenses to save them from the cycle of purchasing new user licenses every month.
  • 28% of businesses have to switch CRMs because the team does not know how too use it. Kylas provides has in-house onboarding & training, and weekly webinars to help improve usage.
  • Implementation issues and difficulty of use affect CRM usage for 20-22% of businesses, and hence you need Kylas- the #4th Easiest to Use CRM globally that is up and running in just 15 days!
  • 12% of businesses do not receive satisfactory customer service from their CRM, but Kylas's support team is always at your disposal and can be contacted via email & WhatsApp.

What are the benefits of using a CRM for sales?

The most important Sales CRM benefits include:

  • Automating Routine Tasks:
    As your business grows, the volume of repetitive tasks, such as sending follow-up emails, scheduling appointments, and updating contact information, inevitably grows for your team. Handling these tasks manually not only consumes a significant portion of your sales team’s time but also increases the risk of errors. By automating these tasks with a CRM, sales teams can redirect their efforts towards more strategic activities, such as building relationships and closing deals.
  • Streamlining Sales Processes:
    Sales processes can sometimes be exceedingly intricate. Without centralized data, bottlenecks, confusion, and inefficiencies can arise. A CRM, however, streamlines sales processes by providing a unified platform to manage leads, track opportunities, and oversee sales activities.
  • Personalizing Communication:
    Giving every client a personalized experience as your business scales is difficult. A CRM helps your team make contextual and personalized communication with your clients.
  • Improving Collaboration:
    Closing a deal requires constant efforts from various departments- marketing, sales, finance, etc. A CRM for sales ensures growing businesses get maximum done with minimum friction and miscommunication.

What features should I look for in a sales CRM?

You must look for those features in your CRM that you think fit the best with your business requirements. For instance,

  • Pipeline Management:
    Your CRM should allow you to create multiple pipelines so that you can track and manage your sales processes, from initial contact to closing deals. You must be able to monitor your active leads/deals, identify bottlenecks, and adjust your sales processes as needed.
  • Reports and Dashboards:
    Your CRM must enable you to generate custom reports and dashboards, providing insights into your business's health. You should be able to track all the crucial metrics that are relevant to your business.
  • Lead Management:
    Always opt for a CRM that enables automated lead capture and assignment. You need to be able to track your leads from initial contact to conversion using your CRM. The CRM should assist you in nurturing and prioritizing leads based on your past interactions with them.
  • Workflow Automation:
    Your CRM must let you create customized workflows that align with your business needs by automating routine tasks. From automating lead assignments to executing automated actions, your CRM should handle repetitive tasks on your behalf.
  • Mobile App:
    Through the mobile app of your CRM, you can access all functionalities while on the move. The mobile app will help you keep track of your field staff. Also, your team should be able to create tasks, record meeting notes, and stay updated on your pipeline using their mobile devices. There’s no universal set of features that you must look for in your CRM. It should always be as per your specific needs.
  • How much does a sales CRM cost?:
    The cost of a sales CRM varies from vendor to vendor. If you are planning to buy Kylas, you can install it at a fixed cost of INR 12,999/mo. You can onboard unlimited users at this flat cost and get Onboarding and Training by CRM Experts.

How much does a sales CRM cost?

The cost of a sales CRM varies from vendor to vendor. If you are planning to buy Kylas, you can install it at a fixed cost of INR 12,999/mo. You can onboard unlimited users at this flat cost and get Onboarding and Training by CRM Experts.

Why should you choose an easy-to-use sales CRM?

The only motive for introducing CRM across a business is to boost your team’s productivity so that they can focus on catering to their customers. But if using a CRM becomes an added task for your team, they may not even use it. This is why you need an easy-to-use CRM that offers numerous benefits such as:

  • Improved user adoption
  • Better productivity
  • Accurate data
  • Enhanced customer engagement
  • Reduced training time
  • Minimized errors

Kylas is an easy-to-use CRM that comes with an intuitive interface that even a non-technical user can use easily.

What are the challenges of implementing a CRM in a growing business?

Implementing a CRM can be a complicated and challenging process. Some of the challenges that you may face include:

  • Getting buy-in from all stakeholders
  • Ensuring that the CRM is scalable and can fit your business needs
  • Training your employees on how to use the CRM
  • Integrating the CRM with your other business systems.

Give your team a Sales CRM
they will love to use!

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