Sales Automation CRM

Automate Your Sales Process

Minimize manual errors and save time by automating every step of your sales process. With Kylas, you can automate various routine tasks and help your team focus on the thing that matters the most- selling!


Improve Sales Efficiency With Automation

Sales Efficiency With Automation
  • Automatically assign leads and deals to your team.
  • Perform automated actions with event-based and time-based triggers.
  • Auto-nurture leads/deals at every stage with contextual communication on Email, WhatsApp, and SMS.
  • Get automatic email and mobile reminders of upcoming activities.

Create Workflows
in a Few Easy Steps

Automate just about any step of your sales process with Kylas workflows. Specify triggers, set conditions, define actions and let Kylas handle the rest.

Kylas workflows

Auto-Lead Assignment

Distribute leads automatically to users in your account. Set lead distribution rules based on lead source, location, product, etc., to determine which owner gets the lead.

Auto Lead Assignment


What is Sales Automation in CRM?

Sales Automation is a CRM feature that automates many repetitive and time-consuming tasks like data upload, task creation, lead routing etc. It opens up your team’s bandwidth and helps them focus on selling. You can set a seamless flow for all the recurring tasks needed for your business to ensure that your sales operations are happening smoothly.

Why is Sales Automation important in business?

The success of your business is dependent on revenue and eventually on the number of sales deals your team closes. Sales automation enables your teams to direct their full attention towards the sales, by eliminating repetitive administrative tasks. With sales automation in place, everything from client interactions, follow-ups, nurturing efforts etc. can be executed automatically in an error-free and timely manner. This helps businesses reach the right customer at the right time, build relationships and retain them accordingly.

What are workflows?

Workflows can help you automate certain repetitive tasks performed throughout a sales process. It helps increase productivity and saves a lot of time. To establish a workflow you will have to set rules based on certain triggers and conditions followed by actions to be performed by the system when the selected trigger and conditions match. Workflows can save a lot of time that a salesperson might be spending in performing those tasks manually.

What are Webhooks?

Webhooks are user-defined HTTP callbacks that allows you to send data from one platform to another.

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