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Features Designed
for Growing Businesses

Selling can be tough! However, a clear roadmap, a supportive ecosystem, and a Sales CRM can make it easier for you. Kylas helps you identify the right sales opportunities & supports your sales efforts to increase your chances of success.


Focus On The Right Opportunities

Keeping track of every opportunity and engaging with them regularly is the surefire way of winning deals. Kylas helps you efficiently track and manage the critical pillars of your sales pipelines—leads, deals, contacts, and companies —to centralize, optimize and streamline your customer communication.

Lead Mangement

Never let a lead fall through cracks
with Kylas Lead Management.

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Deal Management

Take your deals to the finish line
with efficient Deal Management.

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Account Management

Focus on key accounts and
companies to get recurring business.

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Take Control of
Your Pipeline Management

Map Your Sales Process Step-By-Step

Build easy-to-follow sales pipelines as per your business requirements. Edit, delete, and create custom stages to mirror your sales process.

Track the Progress of your Leads and Deals

Stay updated on every opportunity across different pipeline stages.View all your active leads/deals in their respective pipeline stages.

Monitor Your Business Health

Identify and do away with bottlenecks by tracking and evaluating all the activities associated with each pipeline stages.

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CRM Pipeline Management Features

Customize your CRM to fit your Unique Business Needs

Custom Layouts

Custom Roles and

Custom Fields


and Dashboards

Filters and SmartLists


Custom Pipelines

Automate Your Sales Process

Automate Processes

Bid goodbye to redundant tasks like manual data entry, tasks, etc. and eliminate manual dependencies with workflows. Enable your sales team to focus on the most important thing- selling.

Auto-Route Leads

Ensure that your lead lands in the right hands. Using Kylas Routing Engine to assign your leads to the right salespeople.

Send Automated Communication

Provide a delightful customer experience by sending personalized communication automatically from within the CRM.

Automate Sales Process Features

Get Full Visibility Into Your Business Health

Track important metrics to know where your business is heading. Ensure that your are forecast correctly and make only data-backed decisions.

Make Most of Your Data

Drill down into your data to gain insights into your deals, sales team’s performance, and revenue.

Track the Right Metrics

Monitor your business health and track sales goals unique to your business requirements with custom reports and dashboards.

Know What Your Team is Up To

Evaluate your team’s performance based on emails sent, calls made, tasks completed and other relevant parameters.

Forecast Revenue

Predict future sales and revenue opportunities and track your sales growth over the months.

Sales Report Features

Be Where
Your Clients Are

Engage with prospects across channels. Connect with them on their preferred communication channel- Phone, Email, WhatsApp and SMS.


Engage with prospects better using Email integration. Integrate your business inbox with CRM to create, schedule and send emails effortlessly.


Help you team to make quick one-click calls from within the CRM. Get call logs and recordings* to monitor their performance.


Integrate your WhatsApp Business account with Kylas and engage with your prospects via messages right from the app.

SMS Integration

Integrate Kylas with your preferred SMS provider and ensure your business messages land right into your prospect’s pocket.

Connect With Popular
Business Apps

Kylas connects with all your favourite apps using Kylas Marketplace and APIs. Stop jumping between softwares, have all your client related data at one place.

Business Apps

Sell On-The-Go!

Running your sales engine from your phone has never been this easy. Access relevant data, get real-time notifications and stay on top of your meetings and tasks with Kylas Mobile App.

Take your sales to the finish line on mobile!

Run your sales engine directly from your phone

Offline Mode

Access data when you are offline and sync it when you’re back online. Stay up to date with your records even if you don’t have internet access.

Automatic Mobile Call Logging

Log call automatically and add notes to keep track of all your communication.

Sales Dashboard

Get real-time insights into all your data and make better decisions.


Get real-time notifications when a lead/deal is assigned to you. Get notified when a prospect calls you or sends you an email, and more.

Set-up Meetings

Set meetings and add participants right from your phone.

Kylas CRM App

Admin Panel

Stay relaxed and in complete control of your data with data sharing rules and transparent access control.

Ensure secure data access

Add users to profiles, specify their permissions and define what data functionalities they can access.

Team-based Access

Regulate data access for an entire team by setting data sharing and profile permission rules.

Kylas CRM Admin Panel

Enable Team Collaboration

Help your team to work together effectively. With the help of history feeds, @mentions, sharing rules and tasks, ensure that every stakeholder (from different teams) is always in the loop.

Team Collaboration Features
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