Kylas designed for growing businesses that help you to identify the right sales opportunities & supports your sales efforts

Designed for
Growing Businesses

Selling can be tough! However, a clear roadmap, a supportive ecosystem and a Sales CRM software can make it easier for you. Kylas helps you identify the right sales opportunities & supports your sales efforts to increase your chances of success.


Focus on the right Sales
Opportunities for Faster Growth

Keeping track of your opportunities and engaging with them regularly is the surefire way to Convert Leads to Deals, Contacts and Companies. Kylas helps you to do a quick search, filter as per need and also provides a 360º view of all your Leads, Deals, Contacts and Companies - the key pillars of your Sales Pipeline.

Create Custom Fields with Kylas Sales CRM

Kylas helps you to quickly capture your Leads from various sources, understand which ones to Convert into Deals & which ones to unqualify.

  • Capture leads using lead capture forms
  • Capture Leads from 3rd party portals
  • Import your Leads
  • Analyze them by source
  • Manage your lead pipeline

Sales Pipeline Management

Ensure your sales deals never go sideways with effective Sales Pipeline Management. Create Multiple & Fully Customizable Lead & Deal Pipelines with multiple stages to suit your requirement.

Kylas Sales CRM Offers customizable lead & deal Pipeline Management that suit your requirements. Create different pipelines for different teams, for different products or various business units. Sort or Filter deals by their closing date or win-probability.

Productivity & Collaboration

Closing a deal involves a lot of collaborative work with your team preparing pitches and sharing ideas continuously. Kylas can help your team stay organised and work together effectively.

Productivity Dashboard - Kylas Sales CRM

Productivity Dashboard

Increase efficiency with by seeing all task and updates on one dashboard

Workflow Automation - Kylas Sales CRM

Workflow Automation

Improve your productivity by automating redundant tasks

Task Management - Kylas Sales CRM

Task Management

Create tasks on Leads, Deals, Contacts or Companies

Collaborate with the Power of Notes and Comments in Kylas Sales CRM

Notes & Comments

Collaborate with the power of Notes and Comments

Kylas Sales CRM - Stay on Top of All Tasks with In-App & Email Reminders

Notifications & Reminders

Stay on top of all tasks with In-App & Email Reminders

Kylas Sales CRM - Get Quick Task View

Quick Task View

Quick Dual Pane Access to Tasks for Navigation & Quick Action

Kylas Sales CRM - Share Tasks with your Team

Delegate or Share Tasks

Efficiently Delegate Tasks to your Team

Customer Engagement

Engage your customers for better relationships and faster conversions

Ready to use Email Integration

Ready to use
Email Integration

Send emails directly from the app & track all your communication at one place

Email Templates

Email Templates

Create templates & automate emails and increase your productivity



Setup Meetings, online & offline, with your clients directly from the app

Call Logging

Call Logging

Maintain manual call logs and ensure a record of offline calling activities as well

Mobile Call Tracker

Mobile Call Tracker

Keep track of all sales calls and details, updated automatically into the CRM from your mobile

Mobile Call Tracker


Send SMS, nurture your clients with relevant updates and track all your communication at one place

Data Management & Security

Stay Relaxed with Complete Control of your data and Transparent Access Control.

Kylas Sales CRM Allows you to Import or Migrate Data from Other CRMs or Excel

Import or migrate from
other CRMs or Excel

Got a whole lot of data to import? Our bulk import feature allows you to easily pull in data from your last CRM or simply import a .csv file.

Kylas Sales CRM - You can Control Users Roles and Profiles

Roles & Profiles

Customize which users in your organization have access to specific data and fields. Control which information they can view or what actions they can take.

Kylas Sales CRM - Allow Managers to Access Their team’s Data

Sharing Rules

Allow users to share their leads or deals with teammates. Allow managers to access their team’s data.

Kylas Sales CRM Keeps a Log of User Sign-ins & Actions

Zapier Integration

Connect to over 3000 of your favorite apps with Kylas using Zapier


Businesses need to connect with various third party platforms and tools for their daily operations. This can, often, mean complicated routing or interventions to gather data from various platforms - you can simply integrate these platforms with Kylas and have your leads flow in automatically to your account in real time.

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