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Travel Industry

Handle bulk enquiries effortlessly, automate follow-ups and sell more travel packages with Kylas.


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Why do Travel Companies need CRM?

Travel companies deal with bulk enquiries on a daily basis. They are focused on tracking every lead, ensuring regular follow-ups and indulging on continued communication to convert them into customers.

Furthermore, these companies should pay close attention to their team’s collaboration. They should ensure that lead generation is given utmost priority. The management also has to monitor the productivity of every employee by recording the call logs of the sales team. They need a system that generates and maintains various reports which would provide in-depth information about team productivity, performance, sales figures, sales pipelines and much more.

Convert More Booking

Kylas assists you in managing leads, ensuring efficient communication and engagement for more conversion rates.

Maintain all your data at a single place

It helps you in managing leads, deals and all types of contacts such as that of hotels, car rentals, tour guides etc. all at a single place.

Get a clear view of your business health

With Kylas you can leverage multi-metric reports to determine revenue, expenses and team’s performance.

How does Kylas Help You to Improve
Communication with Customers?

 Travel Industry Leads From Enquiries

Take your leads from enquiries to bookings

  • Engage clients with contextual communication and send customized, applicable, and accurate messages.

  • Create unique sales pipelines for your clients. Track enquiries as they move through the different stages of sales funnel and towards final booking stage.

Travel Industry Automate Sales

Automate Sales-related Tasks to Sell Faster!

  • Leverage workflow automation to capture booking requests and manage email exchanges.

  • Send automated templatized mails, from acknowledgement mails to itineraries to package details and invoices to clients effortlessly.

Automated SMS for Travel Industry

Manage all bookings with ease

  • Reduce response time with automated SMS and email communications.

  • Manage bookings, check calendars for availability, and ensure accurate delivery of services with the help of Kylas.

  • Get all your teams at one place to nurture your clients to closure

Collect Payments Seamlessly for Travel Industry

Collect payments seamlessly

  • Send invoices directly from Kylas CRM using quickbooks integration.

  • Generate payment links effortlessly from within Kylas.

  • Reach out to the customers timely and efficiently with the help of reminders and notes.

Travel Industry sales process

Make data-backed decisions

  • Use reports and dashboards to easily track team’s performance and goal completions.

  • Use CRM data to find gaps in your sales process. Make necessary changes to take your sales to finish line.


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As an Growing Business, why should I invest in a Travel CRM?

In order to stay relevant in today’s competitive travel industry, businesses must increase revenue, minimise operational costs, deliver an exceptional experience and ensure customer retention. A CRM, such as Kylas, helps you do just that and more. Get a free demo today to know how Kylas can optimise your business.

What is the cost of a Travel CRM?

You can install Kylas at a fixed cost of INR 12,999/month. You can onboard unlimited users and benefit from all our features. You also get Onboarding and Training by CRM Experts.

How does Kylas boost my client registrations?

Kylas helps you streamline interactions with your prospects by personalising messages and sending automatic reminders and updates. It helps you reach out to the right prospects at the right time. This improves their experience and, in turn, your client registrations.

How does Kylas help me make smart decisions?

Kylas generates comprehensive reports that give you in-depth insights into your sales process. Know how your sales team is performing and which channel is capturing the most enquiries.

Can I integrate Kylas with my existing infrastructure?

Yes, Kylas can be easily integrated with your existing infrastructure and any other 3rd party applications that you might want to use moving forward.

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