Deal Management CRM


Shorten Your Sales Cycle

Keeping track of your opportunities and engaging with them regularly is the surefire way to crack Deals.


Close More Deals With Kylas

Close More Deals With Kylas
  • Manage deals, their value and forecasted closure date.
  • Stay updated on critical information about your deals, any time, anywhere.
  • Use smart filters for sharper of your team’s performance.
  • Monitor your sales team’s performance.
  • Focus on the deals that have higher chances of closure.
  • Use kylas for account based marketing with multiple contacts on a deal.
  • Analyze your deals by pipeline stages to understand where you stand versus targets.
  • Get History Feed to track activities and work done on a deal
Organize Leads & Prioritize Opportunities Better with Kylas


  • Custom Fields
  • Smart Filters
  • Multiple Products & Services
  • Forecasted Deal Value
Right Sales Opportunities

Identify The Right
Sales Opportunities

Kylas provides you with a 360º view of all your deals. It enables you to determine how a deal is performing, helps you identify the next best action, and monitors deals that need attention.

Track Where Your Business Is Heading

Using Kylas see all your deals in one place to gain perspective on your business health. With the help of smart lists get a snapshot of the number of deals at each stage and their worth.

Track Your Business

Create Different Pipelines
For Different Sales Products

A single pipeline doesn’t suffice growing businesses dealing with multiple products and services
or sales processes basis geography. With Kylas you can create multiple customized pipelines, activate
and deactivate to suit your sales process.

Pipelines For Sales

Share Deal Information
With Other Users

Collaborate on the same deal and increase its odds of closing. With Kylas you can share
deals with a user or a team in your account.

Deal Information

Benefits Of Deal Management

Productivity Dashboard - Kylas Sales CRM

Helps manage and
maintain strong
sales pipelines

Workflow Automation - Kylas Sales CRM

Helps in prioritizing
deals that are more
likely to convert

Task Management - Kylas Sales CRM

Helps in maintaining
consistent and
contextual messaging

Collaborate with the Power of Notes and Comments in Kylas Sales CRM

Helps create accurate
sales forecasts

Kylas Sales CRM - Stay on Top of All Tasks with In-App & Email Reminders

Improve sales team
collaboration and

Kylas Sales CRM - Get Quick Task View

repetitive tasks


What are the benefits of efficient deal management?

Efficient deal management helps a business track, maintain, prioritize, and analyze all the deals in its pipeline. It contributes to the seamless movement of deals through the sales process and scales conversions.

Here are some of the other benefits associated with deal management:

  • Valuable insights into the bottlenecks of your deal process to help you boost conversions
  • Clear visibility into each deal and the work done on it.
  • Engaging leads at every touchpoint in their buying journey with automated communication.
What is the difference between a lead and a deal?

Any client who expresses interest in your products or services is a lead. Such clients have not had any communication with your business previously. They are pre-qualified, so there is no guarantee that their requirements match your offerings.

Deals on the other hand are qualified contacts who have very high chances of buying from your business. They usually need immediate attention and can add monetary value to your business. Not only this but ongoing transactions you are pursuing with a person or organization can also be tracked as a deal.

Why do small businesses need a robust deal management system?

Deal management for small businesses is vital to ensure a steady flow of sales. It helps in tracking and analyzing all deals, which is crucial for closing sales and providing a good customer experience. Both these aspects are very important for small businesses, since they do not have the luxury of letting any deal slip by due to mismanagement.

Deal management is a very complex process. If this had to be done manually, it would take up a lot of time and cause inefficiencies. Instead, a deal management system will help small businesses effectively track their deals. With such a system in place, SMB’s can benefit in several ways:

  • Have consistent and customized deal pipelines to track and monitor every deal’s progress
  • Maintain transparency in all tasks associated with deals such as the team working on it, notes/status update as every stage of the deal, etc.
  • Accurately allocate resources by leveraging the insights on every deal
What are the features of deal management software?

Here are some of important features offered by deal management software:

  • Easily get relevant data points on any deal and the work done on it in a centralized platform.
  • Overview & customization of the entire deal pipeline to stay on top of every deal
  • Identifying bottlenecks in the sales process and drive efficiency
  • Deal stages can be easily updated to have an accurate idea of the status of deals at any given time
  • Accurate forecasting of revenue and deal closures.
How are deals managed in Kylas?

Once you have identified your qualified leads, you can create deals for them from within Kylas CRM system. You can add all the relevant inputs like name, company information, etc. against the deal, and choose which information among these should be displayed.

Once the deals are in your system, you can easily assign tasks and actions against them, which can be viewed by every member of your team for seamless collaboration. Your deals will flow through the pipeline stages as customized by you. Kylas helps you close deals with the utmost efficiency and productivity and delight your customers with an enhanced experience.

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