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Boost Your Enrolment Rates with Kylas

Every student is unique. Their learning objectives, needs, and purposes are different.

Equip your tech-first learning business with a CRM that helps you better understand your students and their requirements so that you are up-to-date with the current learning trends.

Whether you are onboarding a student on a skill-development course or helping them with a hobby session, Kylas enables you to close every potential learner efficiently.


Track the Entire Student Journey

Map the entire journey of your prospective learners and effectively engage with them at various touchpoints to maximize enrolments.

  • Custom application forms to record key student data.
  • Automatically capture new inquiries from search, social media, educational marketplaces, and 3rd party applications.
  • Upload all your student-related documents
  • Create fully customizable course/program-specific pipelines
  • Improve outreach with personalized communication
  • Track and record all student interactions straight from inquiry to conversion.
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EdTech CRM Student Journey

Improve the Productivity of your Counselors

Leverage the power of automation to eliminate manual work. Enable your counselors to drive more enrolments with a less tedious and more streamlined sales process.

  • Automate personalized Email and WhatsApp updates to students.
  • Auto-assign inquiries to the right counselors/sales agents based on location, course, and language.
  • Automate inquiry responses and reminder emails.
  • Click-to-call action to eliminate manual dialing.
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EdTech CRM automation

Get Actionable Insights to Make Data-Backed Decisions

Stay on top of the team’s performance with reports and productivity dashboards. Identify bottlenecks and make strategic decisions backed by data.

  • Learn about your highest-yielding marketing channels.
  • Measure and monitor your counselor’s daily calls and missed tasks.
  • Get visibility into the number of missed opportunities.
  • Learn about the high-revenue and popular courses on your platform.
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EdTech CRM Insights

Make Remote Working Easy with Kylas Mobile App

Empower your counselors to work from anywhere anytime. Give them everything they need to drive more enrolments.

  • Access and update student information.
  • Make and log calls with a single tap.
  • Send Emails, SMS, and WhatsApp from within the App.
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EdTech CRM Mobile App
Upsell and Cross with EdTech CRM

Identify and Create Upsell and Cross Sell Opportunities for Courses

Deliver the right contextual communication to learners to bolster their decision to sign up for more courses.

  • Reach out to existing learners with new courses that match their interests.
  • Segment students based on their current course, interest, and language to nurture them efficiently.
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Field Sales Operations with EdTech CRM

Manage Your Field Sales

Help your field force stay organized and productive while conducting numerous daily meetings.

  • Keep track of your team’s customer visits with Geo check-in and check-out.
  • Optimize their bandwidth and enable them to close more deals on the go.
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An EdTech CRM That Takes Care of Everything!

Student Management

Manage all your enrolment-related activities in one place.

Workflow Automation

Automate processes and eliminate
manual errors

Mobile CRM

Drive enrolments with a feature-rich mobile app

WhatsApp API & Chat

Reach out to students where they are
the most active.


Integrate Kylas with popular business apps to increase its functionality

Payment Integration

Send payment links to students directly from the CRM with Razorpay integration.

Integrate Kylas with your
Go-To Tools and Platforms

Our Customers Love Us

“With Kylas in place, our counsellors can now identify candidates from multiple channels, keep track of all student information and build better relationships with them to boost enrolment rates. Not just that, with Kylas we can now track LIVE status of the students during an admission process”

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Nishant Jhunjhunwala Co-Founder, Learn Digital Academy

Kylas helped us effectively track the live status of the students during our admission process. We had access to micro-level & macro-level insights which helped us to take crucial strategic decision. Kylas is very intuitive and many of our faculty members could use it with ease!

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Suraj Ronge Trustee Member, SVERI

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What is CRM software for EdTech?

In the EdTech industry, CRMs can manage student inquiries, learner discovery and pitching, data gathering and analysis, and much more. EdTech CRMs are focused on driving student engagement and helping learning businesses convert more students and increase enrolment for their courses. The software also helps with streamlining sales operations.

Is EdTech CRM affordable?

A quality EdTech CRM brings to the table. You can opt for CRMs that charge according to features enabled by your business or pre-set plans available over a subscription. Some CRMs charge based on the number of students converted. A CRM is available to provide for you with whatever investment model is suitable for your business budget.

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