CRM Sales Reports Insights

Gain Valuable Insights into Your Business Health

It’s time to do away with spreadsheets as Kylas brings visual & interactive reports to you. Deep dive into custom sales reports with one click access to actionable data.

Report on Dashboard
  • Multi-Dimensional Report on Dashboard
  • Track crucial sales metrics
  • One click access to Lead or Deal data
  • Filter your reports using dates
  • Meeting Reports on Dashboards
  • Filters for easy access to reports
  • Visualize data as graphs and charts
  • Create Reports for various roles & teams
  • Company reports on Dashboards
  • Export and share reports easily with your team and stakeholders
Organize Leads & Prioritize Opportunities Better with Kylas


  • Sales Dashboard
  • Revenue Forecast
  • Leads Reporting
  • Team Management

Custom Reports

Build Reports from CRM data

Generate clean and precise reports with Kylas. Fill in the required information, set dimensions and metrics, and build your sales report from scratch.

Quickly Download Report

Seamlessly export all your reports from Kylas. Share them with other team members and external stakeholders.

Customize existing Reports

Customize existing reports basis dimensions, filters, and metrics to focus on the information that matters. Also view your report as a table, pie-chart and bar graph with a click of a button.

Keep Your Reports Organized

Get the right report without sifting through data. Use view filters (prospects, deal, tasks, company, dates and call logs) to quickly find the reports you need. Also track your sales reports by day, week or month to compare it with previous time periods.

Sales Dashboard

Get real-time picture of your business’ productivity and sales progression with our sales Dashboard. Customize the dashboard with important metrics and reports as per your growing business’s requirement.

Sales Dashboard


Get a clear picture of how much sales revenue your team can generate within a given time period and make the right business decisions- priortizing deals and allocating resources for higher conversions. With Kylas CRM you can forecast revenue basis the expected closure date of the deal.

sales revenue forecasting

Track Your Sales
Team Performance

Gain useful insights on your team’s performance right from the sales
dashboard. Identify the top performing sales members and reward them; invest
in training those members who are not able to perform well.

Sales Team Performance in CRM

Benefits Of Sales Report

Productivity Dashboard - Kylas Sales CRM

Gives clearer
understanding of
team’s performance

Workflow Automation - Kylas Sales CRM

Helps set team and
company goals

Task Management - Kylas Sales CRM

Represents sales
insights as visual data
on dashboard

Collaborate with the Power of Notes and Comments in Kylas Sales CRM

Help make data-
driven decisions

Collaborate with the Power of Notes and Comments in Kylas Sales CRM

Forecasting revenue


What is a Report?

A report is a detailed account of consolidated data that helps you draw inferences for informed decision-making.

What is a Dashboard?

A dashboard gives a summary of key metrics and other relevant data on a single screen.

What are Sales & Support Insights?

Sales and support insights comprise all analytics that analyzes data about customers and internal teams to present in facilitating and streamlining better business decisions.

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