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Improve your Sales and Profitability with Kylas

Your diverse clientele requires different types of policies for their unique needs. To close deals, your insurance agents must have a deep understanding of your client requirements and offer them a policy to fit their use case.

Kylas helps your agents get clear insights into the prospective clients so that they can have an easier time closing sales. By leveraging Kylas, insurance companies can better understand their team’s performance and discover opportunities for increasing revenue.


Enhanced Customer Engagement

Your clients are the backbone of your business. Assist them efficiently with a view of all past interactions and automated communications across all popular platforms.

  • Automated emails, SMS and WhatsApp to stay connected with present and past clients.
  • Send timely and relevant communications based on where the client is in their buying or renewal journey.
  • Send bulk updates on WhatsApp and Email for any policy change or updates directly from the CRM.
  • Send automated birthday or anniversary wishes to clients.
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Insurance Customer Engagement

Seamless Policy Renewals

Renewals make up a large chunk of your agency’s operations. With Kylas you can efficiently streamline the end-to-end process of executing and tracking renewals from within the CRM.

  • Automated reminders to agents for policy renewal.
  • No need to set a new process every time your agent renews a policy. Save their precious time by cloning deals with pre-saved contact and transaction details.
  • Send Email/WhatsApp communication to clients from within the CRM for renewal reminders, offer information and renewal success.
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Insurance Policy Renewals

Maximize New Policy Sales with Efficient Lead Management

Attract, close, and delight every client that comes your way. Identify potential customers and prioritize them based on previous communication or purchase history.

  • Capture policy inquiries from all sources including online and offline channels, insurance aggregator websites (PolicyBazar, PolicyBudget, MyInsuranceClube etc), social media platforms, calls and chatbots.
  • Customize fields to capture information such as policy type and amount for every contact.
  • Route the right insurance inquiry to the right call center or field sales agent.
  • Identify the stages at which the most conversions/losses of clients occur.
  • Segment and convert high-intent leads to deals to accelerate sales.
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Lead Management with Insurance crm

Centralized Policy Management

To close deals fast, your agents must have all policy-related information at their fingertips. Give them easy access to every piece of information and documents so that they can assist customers quickly, in any context.

  • Manage the pipeline of multiple policies for single client.
  • Agents can easily find out every relevant detail of policies, such as the policy type, premium payment details, tenure etc.
  • Track your customers’ journey for various policies.
  • Opportunities to upsell and cross-sell policies can be created by leveraging the data
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Centralized Policy Management with crm

Efficient Call Centre Management

Efficiently tackle every concern faced by your clients and reach out to them in record time using Kylas.

  • Click-to-Call feature to eliminate manual dialing.
  • Logs and reports to get insights on every call
  • Reduce response time by setting priority against each task.
  • Track your call center performance with reports on call.
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Call Centre Management with crm

Get a Complete View of Your Business Health

Get visibility on how your agents are performing, which policy you should focus on and where your agents are lacking to optimize your insurance operation.

  • Generate sales and revenue reports based on the custom fields you’ve set up, using real-time data.
  • Identify trends, top performing reps and popular policies.
  • Get multi-dimensional reports to track deals, premiums collected, overall revenue, and renewals.
  • Custom dashboards to view all important metrics at one place.
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Insurance Agencies Business performance

Manage Your Field Sales Operations

Help your insurance field force stay organized and productive while conducting numerous daily meetings.

  • Keep track of your team’s customer visits with Geo check-in and check-out.
  • Optimize their bandwidth and enable them to close more deals on the go.
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Field Sales Operations

Agents can access Kylas CRM from Anywhere & Everywhere

You do not want a CRM that keeps your agents tied to their desks. Expand the scope of your CRM application with Remote Access.

  • Details of new sales/renewals can be logged in from any location in real-time as they occur
  • Track upcoming meetings and tasks instantly from your mobile
  • Access your sales dashboard anywhere, anytime.
  • Get notified on overdue meetings and tasks.
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CRM application with Remote Access

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An Insurance CRM That Takes Care of Everything!

Client Management

Manage all your client-related activities in one place.

Workflow Automation

Automate processes and eliminate manual errors

Mobile CRM

Drive sales and renewals with a feature-rich mobile app

WhatsApp API & Chat

Reach out to your clients where they are the most active


Integrate Kylas with popular business apps to increase its functionality

Advanced Reports and Analytics

Harness the power of your data with advanced data analysis and reports

Performance Tracking

Monitor every action performed by your agents on each record

Field Sales Management

Enable your field sales teams to maintain high productivity on-the-go

Document Upload

Store all policy & client related documents in a hassle-free manner

Our Customers Love Us

Kylas helps us monitor the work of all our teams. It is user-friendly and has helped us save a lot of time in our operations. I find the features of automation, customization, reporting and API Integration offered by Kylas to be very helpful.

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Prakash R. Co-Founder, Finbits

Kylas is a very user-friendly software. The most beneficial feature for us has been Data Management, with which we can feed our clients details by capturing the activities done on a daily basis. The biggest problem that Kylas has resolved for us is that now we can capture all our client data in one software, and then sort it as per our requirement.

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Vrushali C Operations Admin, Invasset

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What is CRM software for Insurance Agencies?

Customer churn is a common issue when it comes to insurance brokerage. And given that insurance is a volume game, every single client matters.

To remedy this, agents are constantly looking to earn the trust of their customers by establishing their credibility and commitment.

They can do this by analyzing client data, understanding their pain points, and sharing personalized communication with the relevant policy details. A CRM also enables them to respond instantly to any queries, simplify technical jargon, and streamline the overall customer journey. Employing a CRM, such as Kylas, can assist brokers in their sales and retention efforts.

Insurance CRM enables your agents to scale their productivity, and thereby boost the sales for your business. It is a tool to efficiently manage the data of all your products and clients. Using CRM, this data can be leveraged by your agents to pitch the right policy to the right client and close deals faster.

Is Insurance CRM a good investment?

CRM is one of the best investments for any organization. With respect to insurance agencies, it greatly adds value to their business and hence gives a great return on investment. The value addition comes from the increased revenue that Insurance CRM brings, by making the work of agents more productive and contributing towards higher levels of policy sales & renewals.

How can an Insurance Agency optimize its work?

The most crucial outcome for insurance agencies is to be able to scale their policy sales and renewals. CRM can optimize this process, and thereby optimize the entire work of insurance agencies. This tool can scale the productivity of your teams by automating redundant tasks and allowing them to focus solely on closing deals.

Does a growing Insurance Brokerage need a CRM?

In a saturated market such as insurance brokerage, it becomes difficult to differentiate yourself from the competition. It’s even more difficult to gain the trust of a customer, especially if they had a bad experience previously. A CRM aids you to nurture your customer relationship by continuously providing them with helpful information, personalized communication, and credible services.

What is the cost of an Insurance CRM?

You can use Kylas by paying a monthly sum of INR 12,999. That’s it! Moreover, Kylas can be used from the get-go and your queries are resolved near-instantly. Saving you loads of time and money.

How can Kylas improve my sales?

Kylas can help you to manage your prospects and customers on a single dashboard. You can send them personalised emails, SMS, and WhatsApp messages with the latest offerings, updates, reminders, and more. Kylas helps you simplify your customers’ journey and enhance your sales efforts.

How does Kylas help my insurance agency?

Kylas generates detailed insights which help you track and tweak your sales process. These reports provide you with insights on the performance of your sales team, sales capturing channels, which areas need improvement, when is the next deadline, and much more. You can customize every single report and export them to study at your convenience.

How can I integrate Kylas with my existing infrastructure?

You can easily integrate Kylas with any current software or 3rd party application that you use for your business. The smart CRM also comes with its own list of integration options that you can easily use.

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