Kylas CRM for
Digital Marketing Agencies

Manage leads, automate customer interactions, and customize your sales process with a CRM purpose-built for marketing agencies.


Do Digital Marketing Agencies need a CRM?

A digital marketing agency should, apart from managing campaigns, be able to manage customer relationships smoothly. This includes tracking leads, closing deals, managing customer data, automating manual tasks, personalizing communications, and streamlining billing. A CRM, such as Kylas, can help you do all this and more.

Capture and segment your Leads

Capture all campaign leads automatically into the CRM. Segregate customers based on your desire parameters and prioritize leads that will connect faster.

Personalized Customer Communications

Create personalized messages and send timely updates to help convert leads quickly and retain existing customers.

Simplify Your Operations

Intelligent features such as custom fields, smart filters, sales pipeline management, notes, and task assignments help streamline your operations.

Why is Kylas the CRM of Choice
for Digital Marketing Organisations?

Leverage omnichannel communication

  • Utilize multiple channels such as phone calls, emails, and Whatsapp to share the latest marketing trends and strategies with your clients along with project updates.

  • Easily personalize your interactions with your client directly on the platform.

Manage your cash flow

  • Forecast weekly/monthly revenue accurately based on total deal size and conversion rates.

  • In-depth insights and pipeline management help close deals quickly and drastically reduce CAC (Client Acquisition Cost).

  • Send payment reminders to customers automatically before the due date.

Minimize manual tasks

  • Use workflow automation to free your sales team to focus more on keeping customers engaged and handling complex customer queries.

  • Differentiate leads based on marketing type, such as content, email, SEO, digital ads etc., and automatically assign them to the concerned teams.

  • Automatically schedule meetings, send status updates, capture leads, and much more.

Simplify complicated pipelines

  • Create multiple fully customizable leads and deal pipelines, each with numerous stages to meet your agency’s needs.

  • Gain a comprehensive view of all active leads/deals and their respective stages from a single dashboard.

  • Leverage filters and smart lists to access the right data quickly.

Enable seamless customer support

  • Organize all customer data securely in a centralized platform and instantly search for desired client information by name, phone number, email id, or company name.

  • Use detailed insights to evaluate sales performance, improve response time, and resolve customer issues quickly.



As an SMB, why should I invest in a Digital Marketing CRM?

In today’s age of cut-throat competition in the digital marketing landscape, it is essential to invest in a CRM. CRM tools can help you increase productivity and efficiency, while maintaining flexibility and cost-effectiveness. Get a free demo today to know how Kylas can take your business to new heights.

What is the cost of a Digital Marketing CRM?

You can implement Kylas at a fixed cost of INR 9,999/month. You can onboard unlimited users and benefits from all our features. Also, get Onboarding and Training by CRM Experts.

Can Kylas help me improve my sales?

Kylas provides you with the option of managing your customers, prospects, dealers, and sales teams on a single dashboard. It provides you timely reminders and personalised emails with updates and latest offers. This way, you can improve your customers’ experience and, thus, drive sales.

Can Kylas help me make smart decisions?

Detailed reports provided by Kylas give a clear overview of your sales process. They can help you learn more about your sales team performance, which channel is capturing the most leads, which areas need improvement, and more.

Can I integrate Kylas with my existing infrastructure?

You can easily integrate Kylas with the software that you are currently employing and any other 3rd party application that you currently use for your business.

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