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Manage teams, external vendors and every client communication efficiently with a CRM designed for Digital Marketing Agencies.


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Grow Your Agency with Kylas

From acquiring new clients to planning the next campaign and managing operations, you and your team get a lot done daily. That’s why you need a powerful tool to help you manage your client relationships and perform fundamental digital marketing activities.

You can do about anything with Kylas, from managing leads and documents to performing everyday marketing tasks, automating process workflows, and streamlining operations.

Minimize Manual Tasks And Errors

Leverage automation to free up your team’s bandwidth so that they can focus more on keeping clients engaged and staying on top of their marketing-related queries.

With Kylas, you can automate:

  • Lead capturing from various online channels and platforms
  • Lead routing to agents based on client location and requirements- content, email, SEO, digital ads, etc.
  • Audience segmentation and targeting
  • Upsell and cross-sell activities
  • Analytics and reporting
  • Meetings, follow-ups and much more
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Minimize Manual Tasks And Errors

Add Team In Teamwork

Help all your teams–Sales, Account management, SEO, Web design, PPC, etc. to communicate better with Kylas . Avoid friction between teams and have all the communication in one place with our collaboration module.

  • History and Activity feeds to track the work done
  • Notes and Comments with @ mentions
  • Delegate or Share tasks and records
  • Align tasks for users across the organization
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Add Team In Teamwork

Customize Kylas as per Your Business Needs

As a Digital marketing agency, your work is not limited to a domain or service. You work with businesses of all sizes and from across industries. You need a CRM that can be customized to your needs and helps you keep track of every sale!

  • Create fully customizable leads/deals pipelines.
  • Create up to 40 pipeline stages
  • Get a comprehensive view of all active leads/deals and their respective stages from a single dashboard.
  • Leverage filters and smart lists to access the right data quickly.
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Customize Kylas as per Your Business Needs

Nurture Lasting Relations With Clients

No matter what domain your agency specializes in, customer relationships are at the core of everything you do. Kylas helps you create a personalized and delightful experience for them to help you close deals faster and retain clients longer.

  • Automate and personalize messages using Email/SMS/ WhatsApp Integrations.
  • Understand your customers better by tracking all the touchpoints with each client.
  • Make most of the customer data by segmenting it as per your needs.
  • Increase customer retention rates.
  • Identify cross-selling and upselling opportunities
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Nurture Lasting Relations With Clients

Manage Your Data Efficiently!

Every insight and every piece of data can help your team close deals faster! Kylas helps you leverage the power of data so that you enable your team to efficiently connect with interested prospects.

  • Keep digital records of client information and documents to avoid storing physical copies.
  • Keep tabs of all your clients with efficient contact management.
  • Have ready reference of past communications and actions taken on a record.
  • Automatically capture leads from online and offline channels, social media, website, calls and chatbots.
  • Eliminate lead duplicity by setting up uniqueness rules.
  • Organize all customer data securely in a centralized platform and instantly search for desired client information by name, phone number, email id, or company name.
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Manage Your Data Efficiently!

Understand What’s Going On With Your Business

Your business deals with a lot of data daily! Kylas helps you analyze and crunch those numbers so that you have detailed insights to make strategic data-backed decisions.

  • Revenue report to keep track of how much you are doing daily, weekly or monthly.
  • Campaign performance report to find out which campaign or source is performing better.
  • Client retention report to identify your top-performing account managers.
  • Sales report to analyze new accounts and deals closed.
  • Multiple customizable dashboards to track all your important metrics.
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Understand What’s Going On With Your Business

We can help you curate the best plan for your team

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Why is Kylas the CRM of Choice for any Digital Marketing Agency?

Lead Management

Capture all campaign leads automatically into the CRM.

Data Segregation

Segregate customers based on your desired parameters and prioritize leads that will connect faster.

Personalized Communications

Create personalized messages & send timely updates to help convert leads quickly & retain existing customers.

Simplified Operations

Intelligent features such as custom fields and smart filters help streamline your operations.

Mobile CRM

Drive sales and renewals with a feature-rich mobile app

WhatsApp API & Chat

Reach out to your clients where they are the most active

Advanced Reports and Analytics

Harness the power of your data with advanced data analysis and reports


Integrate Kylas with popular business apps to increase its functionality

Document Upload

Store all client related documents in a hassle-free manner

Our Customers Love Us

“With Kylas in place, our counsellors can now identify candidates from multiple channels, keep track of all student information and build better relationships with them to boost enrolment rates. Not just that, with Kylas we can now track LIVE status of the students during an admission process”

kylas Check kylas Check

Nishant Jhunjhunwala Co-Founder, Learn Digital Academy

Kylas helped us effectively track the live status of the students during our admission process. We had access to micro-level & macro-level insights which helped us to take crucial strategic decision. Kylas is very intuitive and many of our faculty members could use it with ease!

kylas Check kylas Check

Suraj Ronge Trustee Member, SVERI

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As an Growing Business, why should I invest in a Digital Marketing CRM?

In today’s age of cut-throat competition in the digital marketing landscape, it is essential to invest in a CRM. CRM tools can help you increase productivity and efficiency, while maintaining flexibility and cost-effectiveness. Get a free demo today to know how Kylas can take your business to new heights.

What is the cost of a Digital Marketing CRM?

You can implement Kylas at a fixed cost of INR 12,999/month. You can onboard unlimited users and benefits from all our features. Also, get Onboarding and Training by CRM Experts.

Can Kylas help me improve my sales?

Kylas provides you with the option of managing your customers, prospects, dealers, and sales teams on a single dashboard. It provides you timely reminders and personalised emails with updates and latest offers. This way, you can improve your customers’ experience and, thus, drive sales.

Can Kylas help me make smart decisions?

Detailed reports provided by Kylas give a clear overview of your sales process. They can help you learn more about your sales team performance, which channel is capturing the most leads, which areas need improvement, and more.

Can I integrate Kylas with my existing infrastructure?

You can easily integrate Kylas with the software that you are currently employing and any other 3rd party application that you currently use for your business.

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