Sales Collaboration

Closing a deal involves a lot of collaborative work with your team preparing pitches, conducting sales discussions and sharing ideas continuously. Kylas can help your team stay organised and work together effectively.


Help Your Sales
Team Collaborate
Better With Kylas


Notes & Comments

Know the contextual history of a lead or deals with notes and comments

& Reminders

Stay on top of all tasks with
in-app & email reminders

Quick Task View

Quick dual pane access to tasks for
navigation & quick action

Delegate Or
Share Tasks

Efficiently Delegate Tasks
to your Team

Task Management

Empower your team to work more productively and efficiently with Kylas.
Help you team manage their to-do's on Leads, Deals, Contacts and Companies via tasks.


Setup meetings, online & offline, with your clients directly from the app.



What is a Task?

Task is any activity to be performed on the existing lead/deal. Follow-up call, reminder mail etc. are all examples of what can deemed as tasks. User can login and set reminders for various sales activities by using the 'Tasks' feature in the Kylas CRM.

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