Sales Team Collaboration

Sales Collaboration

Closing a deal involves a lot of collaborative work with your team preparing pitches, conducting sales discussions and sharing ideas continuously. Kylas can help your team stay organised and work together effectively.


Enable Seamless Collaboration
between Various Teams

Seamless Collaboration Team
  • @mentions in notes to tag the right team members
  • History feeds to track and monitor the work done on each lead, deal or contact.
  • Attach documents to give more context to teammates

Notes & Comments

Keep track of how a sale is progressing with the help of notes and comments. Learn about the contextual history of leads and deals, to sum up customer interactions and determine relevant outcomes.

Notes and Comments in CRM

& Reminders

Never miss a task, deadline, appointment, or meeting again! Stay on top of every lead and closure with Kylas.

  • Mobile notifications
  • Web notifications
  • Email Reminders
Notifications and Reminders in CRM

Task Management

Easily access all your tasks from the Task dashboard. Navigate through the list of tasks and take quick action without breaking a sweat. Empower your team to work more productively and manage their to-do’s on Leads, Deals, Contacts and Companies through one single dashboard.

Task Management in CRM

Delegate Leads
And Tasks

Get more work done by efficiently
sharing leads, deals, and tasks
with your team.

Delegate Leads And Tasks


What is Sales Collaboration?

Sales collaboration enables different users and teams to work together to close more deals. Sales processes require multiple teams to pool their skills and expertise, and it is through these combined efforts that a sale is concluded. Sales collaboration creates a seamless flow of work between your teams from different departments. It allows sales to happen faster and efficiently, since no time is wasted in manually giving the client background, work updates, handoff of tasks, etc. to every team member.

How Kylas Helps Your Sales Team to Collaborate Better?

Kylas allows your team members to track every activity and communication on a lead, deal or contact with notes, comments and history feeds. Its suit of features helps team members to create tasks for themselves or other users and stay up to date on what is happening with a particular lead, deal or contact to get a download of its progress.

What is a Task?

Task is any activity to be performed on the existing lead/deal. Follow-up call, reminder mail etc. are all examples of what can deemed as tasks. User can login and set reminders for various sales activities by using the 'Tasks' feature in the Kylas CRM.

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