Convert Leads Into
Loyal Customers With Kylas

Track your leads from click to conversion using Kylas. Capture leads from various sources, track their touchpoints, identify which ones to prioritize and engage with prospective clients better.


Organize Leads &
Prioritize Opportunities

Organize Leads & Prioritize Opportunities Better with Kylas
  • Capture leads from web forms.
  • Import your leads in bulk from spreadsheets.
  • Nurture high intent Leads with timely follow-ups.
  • Enagage with leads across multiple touchpoints using telephony, email, Whatsapp and SMS.
  • Manage your lead pipeline.
  • Convert leads into deals and contacts.
  • Assign leads automatically to the team.
  • Get notified when a lead needs attention.
  • Capture leads from 3rd party portals like Facebook, IndiaMart, TradeIndia, Justdial etc.
  • Analyze and track key information on leads.
Organize Leads & Prioritize Opportunities Better with Kylas


  • Custom Fields
  • Smart Filters
  • Sales Pipeline
  • Notes
  • Tasks

Lead Management in Kylas

Never miss a lead with automated lead capture system in Kylas. Collect and organize
leads automatically into a single database from webforms, social and 3rd party apps.

Assign Leads

Route leads automatically to your sales reps using round-robin queues. Ensure all leads are assigned and nothing falls through the cracks.


Nurture Leads

Continually demonstrate the value proposition of your products/ services.
Help your sales team enagage with prospective customers, at different points in their
buying journey, through various media, including:





Convert Leads

Transform your lead to a probable business opportunity (deal) or a contact who may bring business opportunity in the future or a company, in case of account-based marketing.

Convert Leads
Convert Leads to Deals

Convert your lead into a deal once it is identified as a qualified sales prospect.

Convert Leads to Contacts

Qualify your lead as a contact. Engage with multiple contacts in a company and increase your chances of closing.

Benefits of Lead Management

Productivity Dashboard - Kylas Sales CRM

Automated lead

Workflow Automation - Kylas Sales CRM

Helps track lead’s
journey seamlessly

Task Management - Kylas Sales CRM

Makes it easier to
prioritize leads

Collaborate with the Power of Notes and Comments in Kylas Sales CRM

Helps you get meaningful
insights on leads

Kylas Sales CRM - Stay on Top of All Tasks with In-App & Email Reminders

Increases sales
team productivity

Kylas Sales CRM - Get Quick Task View

Increases conversion

Kylas Sales CRM - Share Tasks with your Team

Helps close deals


What is a lead?

Any prospective buyer who is interested in your products or services can be called a lead.

What is lead management?

Leads are valuable for a business, big or small. For a growing business, it is imperative to convert leads into loyal customers. To do it right and faster, you need to have complete visibility into all your leads. That's exactly what lead management does. It helps you capture leads, track their touchpoints with your business, prioritize them, and engage with them contextually.


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