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Sales Calling Made Easy

Don’t limit your communication with clients to only emails or texts. Call them directly from Kylas CRM! Access and audit call recordings to improve your sales pitch too!


Make calls On the Go with Kylas

Make calls On the Go with Kylas
  • Make Calls
  • Get Call Analytics
  • Update call status
  • Log Calls
  • Save Call recordings
  • Save Notes for each call

One Click Call

Connect with your leads and deals effortlessly in one click. Just click on the phone icon in Kylas to start making meaningful conversations with your clients.

One Click Call with kylas

Call Reminders

Get in-app notifications for scheduled calls and stay on top of your client calls.

Call Reminders with kylas crm

Call Logging

Keep track of all the calls that your sales team makes. Create follow-up tasks based on client discussions and keep the client engaged. Maintain manual call logs and ensure a record of offline calling activities.

Call Logging with kylas crm

Call Recording

Audit call recordings and evaluate your sales team's performance. Gather insights about your client's needs and challenges, improve your sales pitch and take timely measures to improve your team's selling skills.

Call Recording with Kylas

Schedule follow-ups or
appointments right after making a call

Schedule a follow-up task or set up an appointment right after every sales call. Continue conversations contextually without any hiccups.

Schedule follow-ups with kylas


Make Calls on the go!

Sell from anywhere using Kylas Mobile App. Add leads, make and recieve phone calls, schedule meetings and tasks from your device and become productive!

Make calls with Kylas
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