Kylas Growth Plans

At Kylas, we believe that some of the best work happens when you collaborate with everyone in the team.

So, we decided to offer you Unlimited Users (No per User Fees) on any Growth Plan that you pick!

Elevate to a higher level of performance with Kylas; All features-no limitations
Flat INR 12,999/mo
Free Trial For 15 Days.
No Credit Card Details Required.
Records will be calculated on the basis of these entities being created by a user- Leads, Deals, Contacts, Notes, Tasks, Meetings, Emails, Calls & SMS

100,000 Records (Expandable)
Exceed all your Sales Goals with Kylas! All the features in Elevate + all the add-ons that you need!
INR 75,000/mo
Free Trial For 15 Days.
No Credit Card Details Required.
Phone Support
Account Manager
Embark on your CRM journey with a free version of kylas
Lifetime Free
Records will be calculated on the basis of these entities being created by a user- Leads, Deals, Contacts, Notes, Tasks, Meetings, Emails, Calls & SMS

1000 Records (Non-expandable)

We can help you curate the best plan for your team

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Local taxes (VAT,GST,etc.) will be charged in addition to the prices mentioned.
Entities Embark Elevate Exceed
Auto Lead Capture
- Forms
- Online Portals

Smart Lists
Lead Conversion
Call Log List
Configure Price & Quote (CPQ)
Pipeline Management

Lead Pipeline

Deal Pipeline

Productivity & Collaboration
Mobile App
Productivity Dashboard
Workflow Automation
30 Workflows
130 Workflows
Notes & Comments
Task Management
Notification & Reminders
Quick Task View
Delegate & Share Tasks
History Feed
Customer Engagement
- Outlook
- Custom SMTP connection

Email Templates 30 Email Templates
80 Email Templates
Call Logging
Reports Management
Pre-built Report Templates
Customizable Multidimensional Reports
Sales Dashboard
User Access and Control
User Profiles
Records Sharing
Records Reassignment
No. of Records 1,000 Records
(Non Expandable)
1,00,000 Records
11,00,000 Records
Team Management
Products / Services
Data Management
File Storage 5 GB
(Non Expandable)
100 GB
600 GB
Data Import 250 (per batch) 10,000 (per batch) 10,000 (per batch)
Data Export
Marketplace Integration
API Access
Webhooks (Restricted Access)
Custom Fields 25 Custom Fields
125 Custom Fields
Motivational Ecosystem  
Product adoption and usage take a new form with curated technology to keep sales motivation high.
Custom Layout  
15 Custom Layout
35 Custom Layout
Add-On Details Price (INR)
Email Templates 10 Email templates 500/month
Workflows 10 Workflows 500/month
Records 20000 records 500/month
Custom Fields 1 custom field 200/month
Additional File Storage per 20GB 300/month
Custom Layout 1-Custom Layout 500/month
Email tracking - 800/month
Goals 50 goals 2,500
*Next set of 50 Goals: INR 1000/month
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Kylas CRM Expert Help

We believe that the true power of a tool can be realized only when you use it and use it well! Kylas offers extensive onboarding & training sessions conducted by seasoned CRM Experts. We understand that your expectations from Kylas will be as unique as your requirements. These customized sessions are priced at a nominal one-time cost of INR 25,000 and will get your team started right away!

We also provide additional support beyond basic onboarding sessions to help you do more with Kylas. These customized sessions are of a 3 hour duration each and are priced at a nominal fee of INR 5000.

Loved by Small Business Owners


We have seen a 45% increase in our sales in the past year- all thanks to Kylas. My team's overall performance and productivity has improved because of the automation in the system. Even though Kylas is a Sales CRM all my departments use it on a daily basis. Kylas has helped us transition from hard work to smart work and I would like to rate it 5/5. kylas Check kylas Check

Yogendra S Director Sales, Omega Financial


Kylas is FANTASTIC. We were fed up of giving leads from different sources daily to the sales team and wanted to know in which stage the lead was. We were using Excel sheets before but it didn’t help much. With Kylas, the whole lead capture and assignment process got automated. Now we can quickly identify where the leads are in the pipeline. Kylas offers unlimited users at competitive prices which is a big advantage for small-scale industries like ours. The compatibility and the user interface of Kylas is better than any other CRM. kylas Check kylas Check

Suman Gurrala Owner, Arte Academy


Our internal CRM was ineffective in managing our 30-member sales team across India. We moved to Kylas to consolidate all our processes and pipelines on a single system. Kylas support team helped us considerably through the transition process. We could now create and manage multiple dashboards for our team members, gain real-time insights, and accurately predict revenue. The intuitive CRM and its mobile apps quickly won over our sales team, who can now work on the go. In just 3 months, it solved 80% of our challenges, and we are counting on its regular updates to resolve the rest. kylas Check kylas Check

Vidya VS Corporate Sales Manager, GreenAds Global


We switched to Kylas after trying four other leading CRMs, and it performed beyond all expectations. It's simple UI & UX quickly won over the sales team and helped them collaborate and close more deals effortlessly. Kylas now acts as our central data repository, and its detailed reports help us track business performance and accurately forecast revenue. The unlimited users and features give me the confidence to grow the sales team from 8 at present to 80 by the end of the year. kylas Check kylas Check

Ritesh Agarwal Co-Founder, Winworld Realty Services


Kylas’s workflow automation has allowed us to eliminate manual errors from our processes and helped us enhance customer satisfaction. The CRMs' task assignment, timely reminders, and notes features ensure that tasks are completed on-time and without external interventions. We are very happy with Kylas and would like to rate them 4/5. kylas Check kylas Check

Amal Saju Head of Operations, Clover Overseas


Kylas has made tracking contacts, emails and opportunities very easy. Our productivity and revenue stream have benefitted immensely with its implementation. It is one of the most easy-to-use CRM in the market. It is priced affordably, and compared to others it is featured packed. Kylas offers excellent Customer Support and we would rate it 8.5 out of 10. kylas Check kylas Check

Aamish Dhingra Director, Cocoweave


Kylas has given us the functionality, flexibility and support to automate our business processes. We have become more efficient with managing our customer relationships and improving our sales performance. Unlike other CRMs software in the market that are typically made for larger businesses and enterprises, Kylas lets you take the advantage of the product's robust set of functionalities and resources at a Small & Medium Business-friendly price. kylas Check kylas Check

Girish Masur Owner, Crescendo IT Solutions


What we really liked about Kylas is the onboarding process is very smooth and the team is very responsive. Our team got quickly trained on Kylas and found it very easy to use. I’d definitely recommend Kylas to all Growing Businesses. kylas Check kylas Check

Shibani Thakur Owner, WaterApp


Kylas helped us effectively track the live status of the students during our admission process. We had access to micro-level & macro-level insights which helped us to take crucial strategic decision. Kylas is very intuitive and many of our faculty members could use it with ease! kylas Check kylas Check

Suraj Ronge Trustee Member, SVERI


We have used couple of CRM tools earlier- Bitrix & Hubspot; I found Kylas UI & UX very user friendly; The team was highly empathetic towards my requirement and we received excellent support; Very easy to use tool and features. kylas Check kylas Check

Vikrant Kulkarni CMO, Meliora Technologies


I'd like to commend Kylas on its reliability as well as the excellent technical support they provide to their customers. We have not used any software that has matched its user friendliness so far. Thank you Kylas! kylas Check kylas Check

Amit Mishra Owner, New Step Technology


Kylas has helped us increase our sales. Features like Smart Filters helped us to filter data, identify warm and hot leads, and prioritize our leads. We are very happy to say that Kylas not just helped in team collaboration, but improved customer engagement as well. kylas Check kylas Check

Himanshu Kumar Founder, Fitness Bell India

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