Data Management in CRM

Leverage The Power Of Data!

The true value of a CRM is when you are able to capture more & relevant data. Cleaner data results in timely insights, better decisions and faster growth.

Organize Leads & Prioritize Opportunities Better with Kylas


  • Import Export Data
  • Set Roles and Profiles
  • Identity and Access Control
  • Product and Service catalogue with images

Import or migrate data from other CRMs or Excel

Have a lot of data to import? Our bulk import feature allows you to
easily import data from your previous CRM or a .csv file.

migrate data from other CRMs

Custom Fields

With Kylas you can create unlimited custom fields on Leads, Deals, Contacts, Products and Companies. Map every single data point and capture more relevant information on your prospective clients.

Custom Fields in CRM
Handle Duplicates


You can steer clear from duplicate records
with Kylas. Eliminate duplicates from the
get go and control what action needs to be
taken for duplicate data entry.

Products and Services Management

Manage your

You can create multiple products & services and
manage all your offerings on Kylas easily. Link
customer deals with specific products and services
and identify which ones fly off the shelves the fastest!

Smart List

Get the right information quickly and in the format you need using
Smart List in Kylas. Save Time. Convert More.

Smart List in Kylas
Kylas CRM Data Security


At Kylas we back ourselves up with robust
data security and privacy practices. We
follow multi-fold model of security
practices to safeguard your data.

Kylas CRM Data Protection


Secure your data on the product level with visibility
and login protection. Manage user access and set data sharing rules to create information hierarchies for protecting data on your company’s account.


What is data management in CRM?

CRM data management involves organizing the necessary details of your company's current customers and prospects, analyzing it, and using it for building optimal customer relationships.

What are smart lists?

Smart Lists are pre-set filtering conditions that users can use to find relevant information faster. There must be filters unique to your business used frequently by your salespeople. Open leads, leads created by a specific user, contacts created in last 30 days etc. are some examples of common filters used repeatedly by sales people. User can save such filters with Smart List feature available in Kylas CRM. Also, when you update data on the CRM, these lists get populated automatically.

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