Account Management through CRM

Improve Your Customer Win Rate

Develop long lasting relationship with account management in Kylas. Leverage sales automation, shared calendars, unified communication and automatic lead routing to manage accounts effortlessly.

Enagage with valuable accounts
  • Enagage with valuable accounts or contacts across channels
  • Closely manage accounts to close deals like never before.
  • Easily identifynew sales opportunities
  • Keep an eye on all customer communications at one place
  • Keep accounts organized by seggregating it to contacts and companies.
  • Get History Feed to track activities and work done on a contact

Solve for multiple stakeholders in the same company

Focusing on each individual and department is easier when they are viewed as an account under a company.

multiple stakeholders


What is a Company?

A company refers to an organization that is interested in purchasing your product/services.

What is a contact?

Contact is a person who will be point of communication in the prospective organisation. When a lead gets qualified by the salesperson, it becomes a contact.

What is the difference between lead and contact?

Lead is generally a potential client where as a contact is an existing one.

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