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Win More Orders with Kylas

Keep your existing clients happy while creating new business opportunities. Improve operational efficiency and get detailed insights into your clients and products.

Leverage Kylas to boost sales, create a seamless supply chain, and improve the overall customer experience.

Efficiently Manage New Inquiries

Create an automated process for your sales functions and ensure no new opportunity falls through the cracks.

  • Auto-capture inquiries coming from website, social media and 3rd party portals such as Justdial, IndiaMart and TradeIndia.
  • Auto-assign leads to the right sales person to get the job done.
  • Set up automated tasks and reminders.
  • Get revenue forecast of every new account.
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Manage New Inquiries with Kylas Manufacturing CRM

Accurate Demand Forecasting

Leverage the power of data to find out recurring trends. Eliminate guesswork and ensure intelligent product planning.

  • Get product-wise revenue report to understand the most popular & revenue-generating products.
  • Find out when your products are most in demand to streamline your production schedule.
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Demand Forecasting

Manage Multiple Aspects of Your Sales Process

Get visibility into your supply chain to better manage the production schedules and maintain material supply.

  • Onboard all your teams - quotation, technical and sales on the same platform.
  • Get all the relevant information on your clients, dealers and distributors.
  • Build accurate customizable pipelines for capacity building and raw material planning.
  • Get comprehensive insights into your operations, inventory, orders and distribution chains.
  • Send automated payment reminders to clients.
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Manufacturing Sales Process

Efficiently Manage all your Key Clients

Target your key accounts with hyper-customized sales and marketing support. Get 360-degree customer view to explore cross and upsell opportunities.

  • Get all the information on client’s purchase history and current buying stage.
  • Create personalized buying journeys for your customers to improve their experience and, in turn, retention rates.
  • Get account-based forecasting on all your key accounts.
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 Key Clients Management

Build Stronger Relationships with Clients

Enable your team to provide a positive experience to all your clients. Ensure that you get repeat business from your existing accounts while converting new ones.

  • Engage your clients on calls, emails, WhatsApp and SMS.
  • Set processes based on products for different departments.
  • Use the custom quotation builder to send customized quotations and invoices to your prospective and current clients.
  • Track, update and resolve issues with ticketing system integration.
  • Keep track of warranty, repair, or service issues to ensure fewer delays.
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Stronger Relationships with Clients

Gain Detailed Insights into Your Business Performance

Make data-backed decisions to improve product quality and optimize business process. Leverage analytics to streamline operations, reduce costs and increase overall profits.

  • Understand which channel is generating the most customer enquiries.
  • Get reports on your sales team’s productivity and performance.
  • Understand which are your most popular & revenue-generating products.
  • Learn which channels are bringing you the greatest number of inquiries.
Manufacturing CRM Reports & Insights

Manage Your Field Sales Operations

Help your field force stay organized and productive while conducting numerous daily meetings.

  • Keep track of your team’s customer visits with Geo check-in and check-out.
  • Optimize their bandwidth and enable them to close more deals on the go.
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Manufacturing Field Sales Operations

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Why is Kylas the best bet for Manufacturing Industry?

Quotation Management

Custom build quotations right from the CRM.

Workflow Automation

Custom workflows to streamline operations

Field Sales Tracking

Geo Check-in and Check-out to track the day of your field force.

Mobile CRM

Drive more orders from anywhere any time.

WhatsApp API & Chat

Reach out to clients where they are the most active.

Easy Integrations

Integrate Kylas with the other popular business apps.

Clone Deals

Clone deals to seamlessly manage repeat orders

Automate Payment Reminders

Stay on top of all your monthly payments

Desking Software Integration

Track and manage all your support tickets with Zendesk integration

Inventory Management Integration

Manage your inventory by leveraging Arka integrations

Our Customers Love Us

“Our Lead Management system was previously manual and inefficient. But since implementing Kylas CRM, our efficiency has improved a lot. Kylas covers all the necessary functionality of a CRM, at an optimal price. It is an excellent CRM for SME.”

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Inam Khan Director, Trygve Pvt. Ltd

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What is Manufacturing CRM Software?

The manufacturing sector is highly volatile, and navigating this market is no easy feat. Customer demand is the backbone of manufacturing, but the preferences of customers are ever evolving. The demand-supply chain in the market is also very erratic and making precise and informed business decisions is difficult.

Manufacturing CRM software is a tool that can help companies tackle these challenges effectively. It helps to drive efficiency across the value chain and optimize the sales engine of manufacturing organizations from the ground up. CRM helps boost the productivity of your manufacturing processes and makes every manufacturing activity cost-effective and efficient for your business.

Why Choose Kylas CRM for Manufacturing Industry?

Kylas CRM has been designed with a lot of features and functionalities that can benefit your manufacturing business. It helps with efficient management of your inventory, so you have all the required at your fingertips. Kylas collates and analyzes historical sales data and consumer purchasing patterns to identify trends. These help manufacturing businesses to forecast the demand, allocate their resources accordingly, and streamline their process for the highest productivity.

It is a feature-rich, yet affordable CRM, available at flat INR 9999/ month. It has a robust feature set packed in for this cost and can boost your manufacturing business.

Why should I invest in a manufacturing CRM?

Manufacturing industry has seen a lot of uncertainty over the last few years due to erratic customer demand and supply chain issues. This was further compounded by the manufacturing SMBs’ inability to forecast demand, manage inventory, improve efficiency and reduce wastage.

However, this presents an opportunity for growing businesses to digitize their business to differentiate from the pack and grow their business smartly. The first step to becoming a Manufacturing 4.0 organization is implementing a purpose-built CRM.

Digitization is a primary distinguishing factor in today’s competitive landscape. Manufacturers that invest in a simple, smart and scalable CRM can become more productive, efficient, flexible and cost-effective. Get a free demo today to know how Kylas can transform your business.

What’s the cost of a Manufacturing CRM?

You can install Kylas at a fixed cost of INR 12,999/month. You can onboard unlimited users and benefit from all our features. You also get Onboarding and Training by CRM Experts.

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