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A Unified Platform to Effortlessly Manage Your Admission Process

Stay in control of all your branches’ day-to-day operations. Increase enrolments and reduce drop-outs by nurturing students with personalized and contextual communication.

Enable collaboration between all your teams across different coaching centers and empower them to sell more!


Seamless Exchange of Data Between Centers

Ensure no data is missed during data capture or exchange. No matter where your center is located, get the complete student profile within a few clicks.

  • Auto capture leads from paid channels, social media and websites.
  • Collect all the student data from different walk-ins into one centralized system.
  • Store and manage essential documents of every student.
  • Auto-assign leads to admission reps basis location, interest, or program.
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Exchange of Data Between Centers with Kylas CRM

Reduce your Drop-out rates with Enhanced Student Experience

Ensure that you reach out to the right students at the right time with accurate information. Engage them contextually to ensure lower drop-out rates and more retention.

  • Leverage templates to ensure that standardized information goes out to every student.
  • Send automated and contextual communication on popular channels based on where the student is in their course.
  • Automatically send study material, video links and fee structure.
  • Notify students on exam dates.
  • Identify and act upon cross-sell and upsell opportunities.
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 Coaching Institutes Student Experience

Seamlessly Manage your Call Center

Supercharge your call center with easy access to student information and communication history.

  • Centralized database for your calling agents.
  • Click-to-call feature to save the valuable time of your admission reps.
  • Mobile App to ensure your reps on top of their task even remotely
  • Automated tasks and reminders to never miss a follow up.
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 Coaching Institutes Call Center

Improve the day-to-day Operational Efficiency of your Centers.

Gain complete visibility into the center-wise performance of your Coaching Institute. Get advanced Reports & Analytics to take strategic data-driven calls in real-time.

  • Scheduled follow-ups to track the status of students
  • Create automated workflows to send fee structures or reminder messages for document verification. Auto-notify counselors to take actions on the same.
  • Integrate your preferred payment gateway to keep all your financial transactions in one place.
  • Create custom reports on center-wise and staff-wise performance.
  • Track fee payments and send automated notifications in case of delays.
  • Create customizable dashboards to track all the important metrics and reports.
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Coaching Institute center-wise performance

Map the Entire Student Journey

Keep track of every single lead and enrolled student. Get detailed insights into all student interactions to effectively map their admission journey.

  • Create different student journeys based on the various programs in your coaching institutes.
  • Get complete visibility into the performance of each center, counselor, campaign source, course and more.
  • Track student’s progress from inquiry to enrolment.
  • Track every action taken on a student record with History Feeds.
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Student Journey

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Why is Kylas the best bet for Coaching Institutes?

Student Management

Track and manage all your students in real time.

Workflow Automation

Increase the productivity of your admission reps through marketing automation.

Mobile CRM

Empower your team to perform CRM-related activities on your phone anywhere, at any time.

WhatsApp API & Chat

Leverage Business WhatsApp to reach out to students where they are the most active.


Integrate Kylas with the other popular business apps that you use for admissions and student management.

Advanced Reports and Analytics

Get detailed reports on center-wise and counselor-wise performance

Our Customers Love Us

Kylas is FANTASTIC. We were fed up of giving leads from different sources daily to the sales team and wanted to know in which stage the lead was. We were using Excel sheets before but it didn’t help much. With Kylas, the whole lead capture and assignment process got automated. Now we can quickly identify where the leads are in the pipeline. Kylas offers unlimited users at competitive prices which is a big advantage for small-scale industries like ours. The compatibility and the user interface of Kylas is better than any other CRM. I would like to rate it 5/5

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Suman Gurrala Owner, Arte Academy

“With Kylas in place, our counsellors can now identify candidates from multiple channels, keep track of all student information and build better relationships with them to boost enrolment rates. Not just that, with Kylas we can now track LIVE status of the students during an admission process”

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Nishant Jhunjhunwala Co-Founder, Learn Digital Academy

Kylas helped us effectively track the live status of the students during our admission process. We had access to micro-level & macro-level insights which helped us to take crucial strategic decision. Kylas is very intuitive and many of our faculty members could use it with ease!

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Suraj Ronge Trustee Member, SVERI

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Why do Coaching Institutes require CRM?

The success of a coaching institute is linked to its students. CRM is a sure-shot way for coaching institutes to provide their students with a smooth and seamless experience. It brings about value-addition in the minds of your student with respect to your services, because you can establish relevant, helpful and impactful interactions with them at every touchpoint.

What are the benefits of CRM for Coaching Institutes?

CRM can bring about holistic growth for coaching institutes and resolve their pain points such as mismanagement of data or low student-retention rates. With CRM in place, you can scale your operational efficiency and simultaneously manage all your centers and teams. You can provide your students with a personalized and enhanced customer experience and lower your drop-out rates.

Is CRM a good investment for a Coaching Institute?

CRM is a sound investment for a coaching institute due to the immense value that it contributes towards the business. It helps to attain growth through operational efficiency and productivity. It streamlines the admission process as well as all interactions with students, which improves customer retention rates and scales profits for the institute.

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