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Why do ITeS Organisations need CRM?

As an ITeS firm you have to pay close attention to relationship building to ensure recurring business and constant revenue growth. For businesses like yours, quality of service and output plays an important role in engaging clients in a relationship for years.

Plus, for ITeS firms customer acquisition is not a piece of cake either attributing to high cost of investment, very high dependency on service providers and in general high switching costs.

To stay agile and move faster to your business goals, you need a tool that can help your sales team do more than just selling. A CRM is a definite tool for this purpose.

Engage Clients

Build trust and confidence with constant contextual communication.

Prioritize key accounts

Pay more attention to key accounts to ensure prolonged revenue streams.

Better understand clients

Get high visibility into customer journey to personalize every interaction.

How can Kylas CRM help in scaling ITEs businesses?

Screen potential clients

  • Leverage complete, accurate, centrally held information about leads to engage better with
    new accounts.

  • Set automated event-based and time-based actions to ensure that no lead is left untouched.

Manage Contact Seamlessly

  • Create seperate contacts for all the key stake holders- team, partner, vendors etc. and engage with each one of them separately and contextually.

  • Increase retention rates by personalizing buying journeys for your customers.

Forecast Revenue

  • Predict revenue by services for every contact and company.

  • Enable all your teams to add value to the client’s buying journey.

  • Manage your pre-sales, post sales, and products/services seamlessly on a single platform.

Provide Better Support

  • Record all interactions between support teams and customers.

  • Generate multi-metric reports to have a 360-degree view of your agent’s productivity.

  • Reach out to the customers timely with the help of reminders and notes.

Automate Reminders

  • Set reminders to follow up on meetings and quotations.

  • Set up meeting reminders for contract and subscription renewals, service appointments, project discussions, and more.

Make Data-Backed Decisions

  • Identify and analyze massive chunks of data effortlessly to gain business insights and make smarter monetary decisions.

  • Leverage every customer data point for better business outcomes.


As an SMB, why should I invest in an ITeS CRM?

In order to stay relevant in today’s competitive ITeS landscape, businesses must increase revenue, minimise operational costs, deliver an exceptional experience and ensure customer retention. A CRM, such as Kylas, helps you do just that and more. Get a free demo today to know how Kylas can optimise your business.

What is the cost of an ITeS CRM?

You can install Kylas at a fixed cost of INR 9,999/month. You can onboard unlimited users and benefit from all our features. You also get Onboarding and Training by CRM Experts.

How does Kylas boost my client registrations?

Kylas helps you streamline interactions with your prospects by personalising messages and sending automatic reminders and updates. It helps you reach out to the right prospects at the right time. This improves their experience and, in turn, your client registrations.

How does Kylas help me make smart decisions?

Kylas generates comprehensive reports that give you in-depth insights into your sales process. Know how your sales team is performing and which channel is capturing the most enquiries.

Can I integrate Kylas with my existing infrastructure?

Yes, Kylas can be easily integrated with your existing infrastructure and any other 3rd party applications that you might want to use moving forward.

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