Kylas is an enterprise grade Sales CRM uniquely designed and engineered for growing sales teams. It is easy to use, quick to deploy and is supported by a powerful in-app marketplace. It offers UNLIMITED User Licenses and Features at flat cost and can be customized to fit your unique use case.



Bitrix 24 is a productivity suite that offers features like CRM, project management, internal communication, video conferencing, etc. As it is built for all your departments, it is tough to set up and complicated to use. It is not designed specifically for sales professionals and requires expert help for customization.

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Kylas Elevate Plan Vs Bitrix24 Standard & Professional Plan


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CategoryKylas ElevateBitrix24 StandardBitrix24 Professional
(Billed annually)
INR 12,999/mo
INR 9,999/mo
INR 6,999/moINR 13,990/mo
Lead Managementkylas Checkkylas Checkkylas Check
Deal Managementkylas Checkkylas Checkkylas Check
Contact and
Company Management
kylas Checkkylas Checkkylas Check
Number of PipelinesUnlimited1020
Custom Reports and Dashboardskylas Checkkylas Checkkylas Check
Data Access Controlkylas Checkkylas Checkkylas Check
Sales Process Automationkylas Checkkylas Checkkylas Check
Custom Fieldskylas Checkkylas Checkkylas Check
Field Sales Managementkylas Checkkylas Checkkylas Check
Online Formskylas Checkkylas Checkkylas Check
Data Extractionkylas Checkkylas Checkkylas Check
Mobile and Desktop Accesskylas Checkkylas Checkkylas Check
Activity Dashboardkylas Checkkylas Checkkylas Check
Contact Managementkylas Checkkylas Checkkylas Check
Document Storagekylas Checkkylas Checkkylas Check

Onboarding & Support

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Onboarding and Training by in-house CRM Expertskylas Checkkylas Checkkylas Check
Customer Support- Emailkylas Checkkylas Checkkylas Check

Ratings & Awards

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Capterra Rating4.84.1
G2 Rating4.74.1
Software Suggest Rating4.54.4
G2 Winter ReportFeatured in 2022Not Featured
G2 Fall ReportRecognized as Momentum LeaderNot Featured
Software Suggest-
Most Popular Software (Winter 2022)
kylas Checkkylas Check
Software Suggest-
Supreme (Summer 2022)
kylas Checkkylas Check

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What Sets Kylas Apart?

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Better User Interface

Bitrix24’s biggest pro - that it is an all-in-one productivity suite - is also its biggest con! The system comes with a learning curve. In addition, there are a lot of features and settings on the system that do not disable.

Kylas on the other hand, is easy to use with features that are focused on increasing the productivity of your sales reps and the efficiency of your sales managers.

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Easy Customizations

What you see is exactly what you get in Bitrix24 CRM. Customizations are very expensive and sometime might not even fit your use case.

Kylas on the other hand can be customized to cater to your unique business needs. Businesses can leverage its open API feature to develop their own apps or integrate their existing systems to the CRM.

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Powerful Mobile App

Bitrix24’s mobile app's functionality is quite limited. As a result, collaboration can be difficult, especially for sales reps who solely work off their mobile app.

Kylas Mobile App is a deal-cracking machine with almost the same functionality as the Kylas Desktop app.

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Pricing That Fits
Every Pocket

Bitrix24 limits the number of users for their free plan.

With Kylas you get more features for more users at a much lower cost.

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Dedicated Technical

Bitrix24 does not offer a robust technical support. The wait time is quite long, even for paid users. In addition, it does not provide free training or onboarding for your new sales reps.

Kylas on the other hand offers onboarding and training by CRM experts, and dedicated timeslots for additional support (at reasonable rates) to resolve all CRM-related concerns.

Our Customers Love Us

Kylas has given us the functionality, flexibility and support to automate our business processes. We have become more efficient with managing our customer relationships and improving our sales performance. Unlike other CRMs software in the market that are typically made for larger businesses and enterprises, Kylas lets you take the advantage of the product's robust set of functionalities and resources at a Small & Medium Business-friendly price.

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Girish Masur Owner, Crescendo IT Solutions

We have used couple of CRM tools earlier- Bitrix & Hubspot; I found Kylas UI & UX very user friendly; The team was highly empathetic towards my requirement and we received excellent support; Very easy to use tool and features.

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Vikrant Kulkarni CMO, Meliora Technologies

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