Kylas is an enterprise-grade Sales CRM designed to support growing sales teams. It is a reliable, easy-to-use, and cost-effective solution that is built and priced for collaboration. Kylas offers UNLIMITED user licenses and features at flat cost and can be customized to function well for businesses across industries.


Agile CRM is a marketing automation software that helps small and mid-sized teams automate their marketing, sales, and customer support from a single platform. While Agile might be free for 10 users, many of its features are not available for lower tiered plans.

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Comparing Kylas 'Elevate' with Agile CRM 'Regular' Plan


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Category Kylas Elevate Agile CRM Regular
Pricing for 10 users
(billed annually)
INR 9,999/mo INR 33,086/mo

Lead, Contact & Account Management

Lead Management kylas Check kylas Check
Lead Qualification kylas Check kylas Check
Automated Lead Distribution kylas Check kylas Check
Contact Management kylas Check kylas Check
Company Management kylas Check kylas Check
Account Management kylas Check kylas Check
Online Forms kylas Check kylas Check

Pipeline Management

Deal Management kylas Check kylas Check
Customizable Pipelines kylas Check kylas Check

Customer Engagement

Email Marketing kylas Check kylas Check
One-click Calling kylas Check kylas Check
Automation of Messaging Workflows kylas Check kylas Check

Productivity & Collaboration

Workflow Automation kylas Check kylas Check
Number of Workflows 30 10
Comments & Notes on Tasks for team collaboration kylas Check kylas Check
@Mention feature for delegation and updates of tasks kylas Check kylas Check
History Feeds on Records kylas Check kylas Check
Quick Task View kylas Check kylas Check
Mobile App kylas Check kylas Check
Integrations kylas Check kylas Check
Field Sales Management kylas Check kylas Check
Data Extraction kylas Check kylas Check
API Calls/ day UNLIMITED 10,000

Onboarding & Support

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Onboarding and Training by in-house CRM expert kylas Check kylas Check
CRM expert support after onboarding sessions 3-hour session for
Rs. 5000
kylas Check
Speedy resolution of customer complaints kylas Check kylas Check
Dedicated Account Rep kylas Check kylas Check

Ratings & Awards

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Category Kylas Elevate Agile CRM
Capterra Rating 4.7 4.1
G2 Rating 4.5 4.0
Software Suggest Rating 4.4 4.0
Software Suggest- Most Popular Software (Winter 2022) kylas Check kylas Check
Software Suggest- Supreme (Summer 2022) kylas Check kylas Check
Mention in G2 Winter Report kylas Check kylas Check
Mention in G2 Fall Report Recognized as Momentum Leader kylas Check

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What Sets Kylas Apart?

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Easy-to-use interface

While creating an account on Agile is easy and free, the interface takes a bit of getting used to if you’ve never used CRM before. Sometimes it can be difficult to find what you need. There are not enough updated product resources available that could help use the features more effectively.

Kylas on the other hand is very easy to use. You can find the product resources available at every step of the set-up. It also offers onboarding and training by CRM experts to ensure successful CRM implementation and adoption.

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Responsive & efficient
customer support

Agile does not provide effective customer support. While Agile CRM has training videos on YouTube, it might not be enough. In addition, only the enterprise plan gets you a dedicated customer success representative.

On the other hand, Kylas onboarding and support has your back! Kylas offers a dedicated team to support you with business and technical expertise. You also get a customer success representative to help you customize the CRM to your needs.

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One Plan. Unlimited Users.

As your business and team grow, you’ll need more users on your CRM. Imagine the cost, when you have to pay for each user you add to your team. That’s exactly what will happen with Agile CRM Regular plan.

Kylas offers unlimited licenses at a flat fee so that every member of your team- a frequent user or not- has full access to the CRM. You can leverage this collective knowledge from your organization and all your external stakeholders like consultants, vendors, and partners to close deals quickly.

Our Customers Love Us

Here’s how the accommodative pricing model of Kylas helped Mr. Ritesh Agarwal- Co-Founder, Winworld Realty Services freely expand his team: “The unlimited users and features give me the confidence to grow the sales team from 8 at present to 80 by the end of the year.”

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Mr. Ritesh Agarwal Co-Founder, Winworld Realty Services

Here’s the experience that Aamish Dhingra- Director, Cocoweave, had with the feature-rich and intuitive interface of Kylas as well as the customer support: “It is one of the most easy-to-use CRM in the market. It is priced affordably and compared to others, it is featured packed. Kylas offers excellent Customer Support."

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Aamish Dhingra Director, Cocoweave

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