Kylas is an enterprise-grade Sales CRM designed to support growing sales teams. It is a reliable, easy-to-use, and cost-effective solution that is built and priced for collaboration. Kylas offers UNLIMITED user licenses and features at flat cost and can be customized to function well for businesses across industries.


Microsoft Dynamics is built for enterprises with complex sales processes. The pricing and usage of the system make it a misfit for small businesses. The minimum payment is for 5 users, which is an unnecessary expense for businesses having 2-3 members. Even the simplest of tasks have been complicated, giving it a steep learning curve.

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Comparing Kylas ‘Elevate’ with Microsoft Dynamics ‘Professional’


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Category Kylas Elevate Dynamics Professional
Pricing for 5 users
(Billed annually)
INR 12,999/month INR 25,525/month
Pricing for 10 users
(billed annually)
INR 12,999/month INR 51,050/month
Lead Management kylas Check kylas Check
Deal Management kylas Check kylas Check
Contact & Company Management kylas Check kylas Check
Product kylas Check kylas Check
Hierarchy Management kylas Check kylas Check
Managing Duplicates kylas Check kylas Cross

Customer Engagement

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Email Marketing kylas Check kylas Cross
One-click Calling kylas Check kylas Cross
Text Messages and Templates kylas Check kylas Cross


kylas vector
Automated Lead Routing kylas Check kylas Cross
Workflow Automation kylas Check kylas Cross


kylas vector
Comments & Notes kylas Check Through OneNote
History Feeds kylas Check kylas Check

Reports and Analytics

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Real-time Reports kylas Check kylas Check
Dashboards kylas Check kylas Check
Sales Forecasting kylas Check kylas Cross


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Customizable Pipelines kylas Check kylas Cross
Customizable Reports kylas Check kylas Check
Customizable Dashboards kylas Check kylas Check
Mobile App kylas Check kylas Check
Integrations kylas Check kylas Check
(With limited capabilities)
Quotations kylas Check kylas Check

Onboarding & Support

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Onboarding and Training by in-house CRM expert kylas Check kylas Cross
CRM expert support after onboarding sessions 3-hour session for Rs. 5000 kylas Cross
Speedy resolution of customer complaints kylas Check kylas Cross

Ratings & Awards

Capterra Rating 4.7 4.0
G2 Rating 4.5 3.8
Software Suggest Rating 4.4 4.7
Software Suggest- Most Popular
Software (Winter 2022)
kylas Cross kylas Cross
Software Suggest- Supreme
(Summer 2022)
kylas Check kylas Check
Mention in G2 Spring Report Recognized as Leader in the APAC region kylas Cross
Mention in G2 Winter Report Recognized as Momentum Leader kylas Cross

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What Sets Kylas Apart?

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Flat Pricing for
Unlimited Users

Microsoft Dynamics has a per-user pricing policy. So, while it can be cost-effective for small teams, it gets expensive as the number of users increases. As a result, moving forward, you must either shell out increasing amounts towards license costs or restrict your number of users/licenses.

Kylas accommodates your business’s unique needs throughout its growth journey. It offers UNLIMITED USERS and Features at a flat cost. So, no matter how much your sales team scales, you will end up paying the same amount.

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Ease of Use and

Microsoft Dynamics lacks an intuitive interface. Every process is overtly complex and even simple tasks on the CRM will take up a lot of your teams’ bandwidth. The knowledge base on the website also is complex and difficult to navigate.

Kylas is as easy as it is effective. Sales reps can navigate through it without expert technical knowledge. Every field, column, and tab on Kylas is set there with a clear function and does not require a lot of handholding.

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Advanced Integrations

Due to the limited integrations of Microsoft Dynamics, your business operations will remain largely scattered. There are no built-in integrations with apps like Mailchimp, Zendesk, etc. The CRM’s functionality is thus limited and prevents you from bringing all your operations on a centralized platform.

On the other hand, Kylas helps you integrate easily with your go-to business tools. This helps your customer information flow freely between all the platforms you use to run your business.

Our Customers Love Us

We switched to Kylas after trying four other leading CRMs, and it performed beyond all expectations. It's simple UI & UX quickly won over the sales team and helped them collaborate and close more deals effortlessly. Kylas now acts as our central data repository, and its detailed reports help us track business performance and accurately forecast revenue. The unlimited users and features give me the confidence to grow the sales team from 8 at present to 80 by the end of the year.

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Ritesh Agarwal Co-Founder, Winworld Realty Services

Kylas has made tracking contacts, emails and opportunities very easy. Our productivity and revenue stream have benefitted immensely with its implementation. It is one of the most easy-to-use CRM in the market. It is priced affordably, and compared to others it is featured packed. Kylas offers excellent Customer Support and we would rate it 8.5 out of 10.

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Aamish Dhingra Director, Cocoweave

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