Kylas is an enterprise-grade Sales CRM designed to support growing sales teams. It is a reliable, easy-to-use, and cost-effective solution that scales with your sales team. Kylas comes with UNLIMITED user licenses and features at flat cost and can be customized to function well for businesses across industries.


Pipedrive is an all-in-one CRM solution designed for both enterprises and small businesses. It comes packed with an extensive feature set; however, it reserves the ‘extras’ for its higher-paying customers. Pipedrive charges you on a per user basis. Thus, it is expensive for small businesses with growing teams and limited budgets.

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Comparing Kylas ‘Elevate’ with Pipedrive ‘Advanced’


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Category Kylas Elevate Pipedrive Advanced
Pricing (for 10 users)
(Billed annually)
INR 9,999/mo INR 16,550/mo
Lead Management kylas Check kylas Check
Deal Management kylas Check kylas Check
Contact and
Company Management
kylas Check kylas Check
Number of Reports Per User Unlimited 30
User Permission Sets Unlimited 2
Visibility Groups Unlimited 1
Visibility Options Unlimited Limited
Custom Fields 25 kylas Check
Custom Reports kylas Check kylas Check
Sharing Rules kylas Check kylas Check
Field Sales Management kylas Check kylas Check
Online Forms kylas Check kylas Check
Mobile and Desktop Access kylas Check kylas Check
Activity Dashboard kylas Check kylas Check
Document Storage kylas Check kylas Check

Onboarding & Support

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Onboarding and Training by CRM Experts kylas Check kylas Check
Email Support kylas Check kylas Check

Ratings & Awards

Capterra Rating 4.7 4.5
G2 Rating 4.4 4.2
Software Suggest Rating 4.4 4.4
Software Suggest- Most Popular
Software (Winter 2022)
kylas Check kylas Check
Software Suggest- Supreme
(Summer 2022)
kylas Check kylas Check
Mention in G2 Winter Report kylas Check kylas Check
Mention in G2 Fall Report Recognized as Momentum Leader kylas Check

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What Sets Kylas Apart?

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Affordable Pricing

Although more budget friendly than other CRMs in the market, Pipedrive remains more expensive than Kylas (for 10+ users), while offering less in terms of functionality. Additionally, a lot of standard features on Pipedrive have add-on charges.

Kylas offers full value for money and does not charge you extra for basic CRM features.

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Ease of Use

Although Pipedrive is intuitive, some of its features can be complicated for new sales reps. In addition, the lack of CRM training makes understanding Pipedrive a little more difficult for first-time CRM users.

Kylas is as easy as it is effective. Sales reps can navigate through it without expert technical knowledge. Every field, column, and tab on Kylas is set there with a clear function and does not require a lot of hand-holding.

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Customized Onboarding
& Implementation

Pipedrive does not offer customized onboarding or implementation support for its Advanced plan. As a result, businesses usually have to rely on external vendors to help them implement and customize the software as per their needs.

Kylas gives Onboarding and Training by CRM experts for all its plans. In addition, if a business needs additional help after the free onboarding, they can purchase 3-hour slots with our CRM experts at a minimal cost.

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Unlimited User Licenses

Pipedrive charges businesses on per-user cost. So, while it can be cost-effective for 1-2 users, as your number of users increases, it gets expensive. As a result, moving forward, either you will have to shell out increasing amounts towards license costs or restrict your number of users/licenses.

Kylas accommodates your business’s unique needs throughout its growth journey. It offers UNLIMITED USERS and Features at flat cost. So, no matter how much your sales team scales, you will end up paying the same amount.

Our Customers Love Us

Mr. Amit Mishra - Owner, New Stop Technology speaks about the efficiency he experienced with Kylas : I’d like to commend Kylas on its reliability as well as the excellent technical support they provide to their customers. We have not used any software that has matched its user friendliness so far. Thank you Kylas!

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Mr. Amit Mishra Owner, New Stop Technology

Here’s how Kylas proved to be the best CRM solution for Mr. Vikrant Kulkarni- CMO, Meliora Technologies : “We have used couple of CRM tools earlier- Bitrix & HubSpot; I found Kylas UI & UX very user friendly; The team was highly empathetic towards my requirement and we received excellent support; Very easy to use tool and features.”

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Mr. Vikrant Kulkarni CMO, Meliora Technologies

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