Kylas is an enterprise-grade Sales CRM designed to support growing sales teams. It is a reliable, easy-to-use, and cost-effective solution that is built and priced for collaboration. Kylas offers UNLIMITED user licenses and features at flat cost and can be customized to function well for businesses across industries.


Bigin by Zoho CRM is designed to give small businesses the basic CRM functionalities that they will likely need in everyday sales operations. It only provides basic CRM features and limits growing businesses in terms of functionality. Bigin does not offer a flat fee plan, restricting businesses in terms of the number of user licenses.

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Comparing Kylas 'Elevate' Plan with Bigin 'Premier' Plan


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Category Kylas Elevate Bigin by Zoho Premier
Pricing (for 20 users)
(Billed annually)
INR 9,999/month INR 14,400/ month
Separate lead and deal module kylas Check kylas Check
Conversion Mapping kylas Check kylas Check
Automated Lead Distribution kylas Check kylas Check
Contact and Company Management kylas Check kylas Check
Custom Dashboard Unlimited 20
Sales Forecasting kylas Check kylas Check
Pipelines (Sub) Unlimited 25
Pipeline Stages 40 25
Workflow Automation kylas Check kylas Check
Activity Dashboard kylas Check kylas Check
Pre-built Report Templates kylas Check kylas Check
Report Customization kylas Check kylas Check
Layouts kylas Check kylas Check
Quotes kylas Check kylas Check
Email Marketing kylas Check kylas Check
Attachment in Template 25MB/ Template 3MB/ Template
Webforms Unlimited 5
Calendar kylas Check kylas Check
Number of Roles and Profiles Unlimited 20
File Storage 100 GB 1GB/org
Webhooks kylas Check kylas Check
API Access Unlimited 100,000 credits/day/org
Number of Records 100,000 100,000
Number of Custom Fields 25 2/module
Online Forms kylas Check kylas Check
Data Sharing Rules kylas Check kylas Check
Mobile Access kylas Check kylas Check

Onboarding & Support

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Onboarding and training by in-house CRM expert kylas Check kylas Check

Ratings & Awards

Capterra Rating 4.7 4.6
G2 Rating 4.4 4.5
Software Suggest Rating 4.4 Not Rated
Software Suggest- Most Popular
Software (Winter 2022)
kylas Check kylas Check
Software Suggest- Supreme
(Summer 2022)
kylas Check kylas Check
Mention in G2 Winter Report 2023 kylas Check kylas Check
Mention in G2 Fall Report Recognized as Momentum Leader kylas Check

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What Sets Kylas Apart?

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Better Value
for Money

Bigin by Zoho is an excellent and cost-effective tool for SMBs making the switch from Excel. It has all the basic functionalities in place, enabling your team to perform all simple sales related tasks. However, as your business grows and your team scales, Bigin by Zoho becomes expensive for the feature it offers.

Kylas on the other hand scales with your sales team and business. You do not have to choose between getting more features or getting value for money, because with Kylas you get both!

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Features for
your Growth

Bigin by Zoho offers limited and basic CRM features. It does not offer conversion mapping, automated lead distribution, layouts, quotes, webhooks etc.

Kylas, on the other hand, offers you a wide range of features at a flat cost.

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Customizations to Cater to Your Business Needs

We do not believe in restricting our clients to default settings. With Kylas you can customize your CRM to meet your business or industry needs. Bigin only offers you only a default layout for the Premier plan, with no option for customizations.

With Kylas you can customize reports basis dimensions, filters, and metrics and focus on the information that matters. You can even customize layouts for different sales teams.

Our Customers Love Us

Here’s how the accommodative pricing model of Kylas helped Mr. Ritesh Agarwal- Co-Founder, Winworld Realty Services freely expand his team : The unlimited users and features give me the confidence to grow the sales team from 8 at present to 80 by the end of the year.

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Mr. Ritesh Agarwal Co-Founder, Winworld Realty Services

Here’s the experience that Aamish Dhingra- Director, Cocoweave, had with the feature-rich and intuitive interface of Kylas as well as the customer support : It is one of the most easy-to-use CRM in the market. It is priced affordably and compared to others, it is featured packed. Kylas offers excellent Customer Support.

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Mr. Aamish Dhingra Director, Cocoweave

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