Kylas is an enterprise-grade Sales CRM designed to support growing sales teams. It is a reliable, easy-to-use, cost-effective solution that is built and priced for collaboration. Kylas offers UNLIMITED user licenses and features at flat cost and can be customized to function well for businesses across industries.



Freshsales is a feature-packed sales CRM which gives you everything you need to convert, close, and nurture your leads. It has an expansive feature set; however, only a select few of these features are available for the low-tiered plans. Freshsales charges you on a per-user basis, making it expensive for small businesses with growing teams and limited budgets.

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Comparing Kylas 'Elevate' with Freshsales 'Pro'


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CategoryKylas ElevateFreshsales Pro
For 10 users
(billed monthly)
INR 12,999/moINR 27990/mo

Lead, Contact & Account Management

Lead Managementkylas Checkkylas Check
Lead Formkylas Checkkylas Check
Lead Conversion Trackingkylas Checkkylas Check
Lead Source Trackingkylas Checkkylas Check
Campaign Trackingkylas Checkkylas Check
Handling Duplicateskylas Checkkylas Check
Deal Managementkylas Checkkylas Check
Contact and
Company Management
kylas Checkkylas Check
Products and Serviceskylas Checkkylas Check
Target Vs Achievedkylas Checkkylas Check

User Managment and Access Control

kylas vector
Hierarchykylas Checkkylas Check
Deal Teamkylas Checkkylas Check
Custom RolesUNLIMITED50

Customer Engagement

kylas vector
Email Marketingkylas Checkkylas Check
One-click Callingkylas Checkkylas Check
IVR Integationkylas Checkkylas Check
SMS Integrationkylas Checkkylas Check
WhatsApp Integrationkylas Checkkylas Check


kylas vector
Workflow Automationkylas Checkkylas Check
Communication Automationkylas Checkkylas Check
Automated flow for Lead Routingkylas Check50 per module (lead, deals, contacts and companies)

Collaboration and Productivity

kylas vector
Task Managementkylas Checkkylas Check
Comments- @mentionskylas Checkkylas Check
Noteskylas Checkkylas Check
History Feedskylas Checkkylas Check
Notifications and Reminderskylas Checkkylas Check

Data Management

kylas vector
Data sharing ruleskylas Checkkylas Check
Data Import and Exportkylas Checkkylas Check
File Storage100 GB2GB per user

Reports and Analytics

kylas vector
Real-time Reportskylas Checkkylas Check
Dashboardskylas Checkkylas Check
Sales Forecastingkylas Checkkylas Check


kylas vector
Custom Fields25 expandablekylas Check
Custom Layoutskylas Checkkylas Check
Customizable PipelinesUnlimited10
Multi Currencykylas Checkkylas Check

Mobile App

kylas vector
Mobile Appkylas Checkkylas Check


kylas vector
Webhookskylas Checkkylas Check
Marketplacekylas Checkkylas Check
API Accesskylas Checkkylas Check


kylas vector
QuotationsFreeINR 1299 per user per month

Document Management

kylas vector
Document Managementkylas Checkkylas Check

Onboarding & Support

kylas vector
Onboarding and training by in-house CRM expertkylas Checkkylas Check

Ratings & Awards

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Capterra Rating4.84.5
G2 Rating4.74.5
Software Suggest Rating4.34.6
Software Suggest- Most Popular Software (Winter 2022)kylas Checkkylas Check
Software Suggest- Supreme (Summer 2022)kylas Checkkylas Check
Mention in G2 Spring ReportLeader APAC region
Software Suggest-
High Performer (Winter 2023)
kylas Checkkylas Check
Capterra Best Ease of Use 2023kylas Checkkylas Check
Capterra Best Value 2023kylas Checkkylas Check
G2 Leader Asia Pacific Spring 2023kylas Checkkylas Check

Disclaimer: All information was last verified on 19/12/2023. To report any incorrect or outdated information, please reach out to us at

What Sets Kylas Apart?

kylas Check

Flat Prices for Unlimited Users

Freshsales charges businesses for every new user in the account. While the growth plan can be cost-effective for 3-5 users, the costs keep increasing as you add new team members. You either have to shell out money for the increasing costs or limit the number of users.

Kylas has no such restrictions. No matter how many users you bring to the platform, you pay the same amount. Even your most infrequent CRM users – your marketing, accounts, and underwriting- also get access to the CRM, helping you keep all your business conversations in one place.

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Easy & Efficient Interface

Freshsales has an expansive feature set, which steepens the learning curve associated with it. Its interface is complex, and dozens of technicalities and settings on the system can be tough to understand, especially for CRM beginners.

Kylas, on the other hand, has a simple and interactive interface. Every field, column, and tab on the dashboard has been designed with a clear function in mind. You do not require handholding to navigate the system, as it can be used easily by CRM novices and experts.

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Effective Mobile CRM

We do not believe in keeping teams tied to their desks. Our highly effective mobile app lets your field sales team access their leads, deals, and meetings on the go. They can even read and add lead information, create tasks, take meeting notes, and stay on top of their pipeline while on the move.

Unlike Kylas, Freshsales does not provide full CRM functionalities in the mobile app. Its use case for field sales teams can be limiting.

Our Customers Love Us

Kylas has given us the functionality, flexibility and support to automate our business processes. We have become more efficient with managing our customer relationships and improving our sales performance. Unlike other CRMs software in the market that are typically made for larger businesses and enterprises, Kylas lets you take the advantage of the product's robust set of functionalities and resources at a Small & Medium Business-friendly price.

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Girish Masur Owner, Crescendo IT Solutions

We have used couple of CRM tools earlier- Bitrix & Hubspot; I found Kylas UI & UX very user friendly; The team was highly empathetic towards my requirement and we received excellent support; Very easy to use tool and features.

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Vikrant Kulkarni CMO, Meliora Technologies

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