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Kylas WhatsApp Business messaging application enables you to send WhatsApp Messages to the Leads and Contacts in Kylas CRM via your WhatsApp business account. WhatsApp has been a very prominent medium to communicate with prospects in Sales and Marketing. Kylas WhatsApp messaging application enables you to send WhatsApp messages to your prospects via your WhatsApp business account with the help of WhatsApp business API service providers.

1. Users can connect their WhatsApp business account with the help of below service providers - Gupshup:

2. Users can send templatized WhatsApp messages to their Leads and Contacts.

3. Users can send Multimedia WhatsApp message to their Leads and Contacts.

4. Users can reply a custom text or multimedia message to their Leads and Contacts.

5. Users can receive messages sent by their Leads and Contacts.

6. Users can send messages in bulk to their Leads, Contacts or Deals

How will It work?


  1. Click on ‘Install app’ button 
  2. Click ‘Allow and Install’ to give the permissions and install 
  3. After installation sign up on the application with your email id 
  4. Verify the email id and sign in on the app. 
  5. Navigate to the ‘Installed apps’ section of Kylas marketplace and click on ‘View details’ 
  6. Enter the Kylas API key in the API key section and click ‘Save’ 

Connecting WhatsApp business account:

  1. Login to the WhatsApp Messaging application and navigate to the WhatsApp Account settings section 
  2. Click on ‘Add connected account’ 
  3. Choose the WhatsApp Business service provider vendor you would like to connect 
  4. Enter the required details to connect the account 
  5. Choose the ‘Active/Enabled’ checkbox 
  6. Click ‘Save’ 

Adding WhatsApp message templates

  1. Navigate to WhatsApp Templates section of the WhatsApp business messaging application 
  2. Click ‘Add WhatsApp Template’ 
  3. Enter the Name, Content and other details required to create a template 
  4. Check the ‘Active/Enabled’ checkbox and click ‘Save’ 

Send WhatsApp message from Kylas sales

  1. Login to the Kylas sales application 
  2. Navigate to a Lead, Contact or Deal details page whom you would like to send WhatsApp message 
  3. Navigate to the Message section 
  4. Click on ‘New Message’ 
  5. Click on ‘Send WhatsApp Message’ action 
  6. Choose the phone number and template 
  7. Click on ‘Send’ button 
  8. The message is sent to the receiver and it’s displayed on the Messages section of the Details page of the Lead, Contact or Deal. 

Adding Users

  1. Navigate to the Manage users section of WhatsApp Business messaging application 
  2. Click ‘Add User’ 
  3. Enter the Name, Email id and choose a role of the user 
  4. Map the user with a user of your Kylas account user 
  5. Click ‘Save’ 
  6. After adding the user in WhatsApp business messaging application the users will receive a verification link on their email address, they can verify the email and login to the application 
  7. The users added as an Admin will be able to view all sections of the WhatsApp messaging application such as Templates, Logs, Account settings, API key and Manage users 
  8. The users added a Member, will be able to view the Templates and Logs. 

View Message Logs

  1. Navigate to the WhatsApp Message logs section in the WhatsApp business messaging application. 
  2. You will be able to see the logs of messages that have been sent via the application. 
  3. You will be able to view the failed messages logs as well along with the reason of failure. 

Send bulk message from Kylas Sales:

  1. Navigate to an entity Listing page e.g. Lead, Contacts or Deals 
  2. Select the entities that you would like to send message ni bulk
  3. Click ‘Send WA message’ action shown on top right hand side section 
  4. Choose the vendor that you would like to use for sending message 
  5. Choose the template. 
  6. Click ‘Send’  
  7. The selected templatized message will be sent to all Leads and Contact’s primary numbers 
  8. You can check the bulk job status in the ‘Bulk jobs’ tab of the ‘Kylas Whatsapp business messaging application.’  


It requests the following permissions:

  • Contact:

    Read, SMS
  • Pipeline:

  • Lead:

    Read, SMS
  • Search List:

  • User:

  • Products-services:

  • Company:

    Read, Read All
  • Deal:

    Read, SMS
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