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Keep customers engaged, identify cross-sell and upsell opportunities and streamline your processes to achieve your sales goals.


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Do Manufacturing Organizations need a CRM?

Manufacturing industry has seen a lot of uncertainty over the last few years due to erratic customer demand and supply chain issues. This was further compounded by the manufacturing SMBs’ inability to forecast demand, manage inventory, improve efficiency and reduce wastage.

However, this presents an opportunity for growing businesses to digitise their business to differentiate from the pack and grow their business smartly. The first step to becoming a Manufacturing 4.0 organisation is to implement a purpose-built CRM.

Optimize your Sales Engine

Kylas CRM is designed to optimize the sales engine of manufacturing organizations from the ground up.

Easy to Implement

This intuitive sales CRM is easily deployable and works well with your existing process and software.

Leverage Features that will help you scale

With automated workflows, in-depth reports and 360-degree view of your sales process. Kylas helps drive efficiency across the value chain.

Why is Kylas the CRM of Choice for Manufacturing Organisations?

Automatically capture leads across all your channels

  • Automatically capture and save information of all the enquiries coming from email, website, social media and 3rd party portals such as Justdial, IndiaMart and TradeIndia.

  • Import data from large databases effortlessly and save hours of manual data entry.

Communicate Seamlessly With Clients

  • Engage your clients with meaningful information on every touchpoint.

  • Have all communications with your clients at one place

  • Send payment reminders and reminder for payment meetings automatically

Ensure Cross-Team Collaboration

  • Get all of your teams - quotation, technical
    and sales on the same platform.

  • Enable all your teams to add value to the
    client’s journey with contextual information.

  • Manage your pre-sales, post sales, and products/
    services seamlessly on a single platform.

Customize Kylas as per Your Needs

  • Create multiple and fully customisable pipelines to fit your internal process and streamline sales.

  • Set processes based on products for different departments.

  • Create smart list and leverage custom filters to pull out specific details on prospects and customers based on their locations, ticket size, buying history etc.

  • Generate quotes and invoices from within Kylas

Gain Detailed Insights Into Your Team’s Performance

  • Make data-backed decisions, generate detailed reports and gain insights to optimise your outreach and boost sales.

  • Mobile check in and check out for sales team members.

  • Get a detailed product-wise revenue forecast.

  • Understand which channel is capturing the most customer enquiries, the performance of your sales team and which are your most popular & revenue-generating products.

Integrate 3rd-Party applications to streamline workflows

  • Integrate Kylas with 3rd party tools already being used by customers, dealers and your factories.

  • Connect lead generation apps and bulk marketing tools like Netcore, WATI, Interakt, Gupshup, mailjet, activecampaigns and Mailchimp.

Implement an Efficient ABM strategy

  • Target new accounts with customized sales and marketing support to grow your business.

  • Create personalised buying journeys for your customers to improve their experience and, in turn, retention rates.


Why should I invest in a manufacturing CRM?

Digitisation is a primary distinguishing factor in today’s competitive landscape. Manufacturers that invest in a simple, smart and scalable CRM can become more productive, efficient, flexible and cost-effective. Get a free demo today to know how Kylas can transform your business.

What’s the cost of a Manufacturing CRM?

You can install Kylas at a fixed cost of INR 7,499/month. You can onboard unlimited users and benefit from all our features. You also get free onboarding and training.

How does Kylas help me improve my sales?

Kylas helps you manage your customers, prospects, dealers and sales teams on a single dashboard. It sends timely reminders and personalised emails with updates and new offers. It helps improve your customers’ experience and, thus, drives sales.

How does Kylas help me make smart decisions?

Kylas generates comprehensive reports that give you in-depth insights into your sales process. Know how your sales team is performing, which channel is capturing the most leads, what products are out of stock, when is the next delivery date, and more.

Can I integrate Kylas with my existing infrastructure?

Yes, Kylas can be easily integrated with your existing infrastructure and any other 3rd party applications that you might want to use moving forward.

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