Order Management

Order Management

Complete All Your Sales Orders
in Less Time

Streamline your order processing by eliminating manual bottlenecks and preventing errors using Kylas.



Map all business transactions with the help of custom quotations. Then, Create and send inclusive quotes in a few simple clicks.

Kylas Quotation Feature enables users to create, edit, download, and send quotations directly from CRM.


Impress your potential clients with professional quotes

Create real-time quotations without breaking a sweat. With a click of a button, generate custom quotes leveraging your product catalog. With Kylas, you can even add your logo and TIN information so that your quote looks


Introduce more speed into your
sales process

Waste no time trying to export quotes from the CRM. Shoot instantaneous quotes to clients within minutes directly from the CRM.


Leave No Room for Errors

With Kylas quotation feature, you can eliminate copy-paste errors that might arise while typing customer information from CRM to another software.


Spend less time managing quotes

Create and send quotes from the same place you manage deals. Increase your sales team productivity by ensuring that your team spends less time switching systems for quote creation and approval.


Find all your business transactions in one place

Get a hold of all the historical data on quotes. Filter them as per your requirements and download any quote from the catalog.


Delete Quotes

Have quotes you no longer need? Delete them and keep your quote listing page clutter-free.


Coming Soon…


Create professional and comprehensive invoices from within the CRM.

Sales Order

Send timely sales order to cleints and stay on top of your closures.

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