Trade India

Lead Generation


TradeIndia Lead Integration App helps the users to get the leads in Kylas that are generated in TradeIndia. Users can map appropriate sources on the leads getting created which helps to filter out the leads coming from TradeIndia.

How will it work?

  1. Click on the Install app button
  2. Click on ‘Allow and Install’
  3. After installation, sign up on the app
  4. Verify your email and login
  5. Navigate to ‘Installed apps’ under Marketplace
  6. Click on ‘View Details’ of the TradeIndia Lead Integration app

On the Details screen of the TradeIndia application follow the below steps

  1. Go to API keys section of the TradeIndia application and enter your Kylas account API key
  2. Click on the Save button
  3. Go to TradeIndia Settings section and enter below details 
  4. Choose vendor as TradeIndia
  5. Enter User Id (Click here to find )
  6. Enter Profile Id (Click here to find )
  7. Enter your TradeIndia API key (Click here to find ) 
  8. Choose the Campaign and Source that you would like to map with the Leads getting generated from TradeIndia
  9. Click on the ‘Save’ button


Once your account is connected then you will start getting leads from TradeIndia within 15 minutes.

You can find those Leads in your Lead listing page of Kylas and Lead logs section of the TradeIndia Lead integration.


It requests the following permissions:

  • Lead:

    Read, write, note
  • Note:

    Read, write
  • Search List:

  • User:

  • Pipeline:

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