Payment and Invoicing


This app helps users to connect their invoicing application and create invoices directly from CRM itself without switching the apps.

How Will It Work?

How to install the app:

  1. Click on the ‘Install’ button on the marketplace app details page.
  2. Check the permissions required by the app and click ‘Allow and Install’
  3. After installation sign up on the application and verify your email account
  4. After verification, sign into the application

How to Connect QuickBooks account:

  1. Login to the QuickBooks invoices app (https://books.integrations.kylas.io) and navigate to ‘Connected Accounts’ section
  2. Click on ‘Connect to QuickBooks’
  3. Follow the OAuth flow of QuickBooks and log in with your QuickBooks account. 

How to generate invoices:

  1. After connecting the QuickBooks account, navigate to Kylas Sales Deal details page of any Deal for which you would like to create invoices. 
  2. Click on more action button (The chevron icon on the right hand side of Edit)
  3. Click ‘Generate QuickBook invoice’
  4. Enter the required details in the invoice form and generate an invoice

How to view all invoices:

  1. Navigate to the Deal details page for which you would like to view the invoices
  2. Click on ‘View Invoices button’ shown on the right hand side productivity section
  3. You should be able to view all invoices generated by the QuickBooks invoicing application

How to add users in the QuickBooks invoicing application:

  1. Navigate to ‘Manage Users’ inside the QuickBooks invoicing app
  2. Click on ‘Add User’
  3. Enter the Name and Email of the user
  4. Choose the Role from Member or Admin
  5. Choose the corresponding Kylas user from the list of Users available in your Kylas account
  6. Click on Save
  7. The users added in the app will receive a email for their account verification,, after verification the users can install the app and log in from their credentials.


It requests the following permissions:

  • Products-services:

  • User:

  • Contact:

  • Deal:

  • Company:

    Read, Read All
  • Search List:

  • Pipeline:

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