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Kylas SMS App helps users send SMSs to Leads or Contact via message service providers and maintain timely and contextual communication.
Users can connect their Kylas account to various SMS service provider accounts like Pinnacle, Gupshup, Sakari etc. Users can also set up workflows to send automated SMS through these service providers.

How Will it Work?

Steps to install and use Kylas SMS application:

  1. Click on ‘Install app’ on the Kylas marketplace
  2. After successful installation, sign up on the app
  3. Verify your email account
  4. Navigate to the ‘Installed apps’ section under Kylas marketplace
  5. Click on ‘View Details’
  6. Login to the application with your email id and password
  7. Enter Kylas API key – Get your Kylas api key from here

How to connect SMS service provider account:

  1. Navigate to the ‘SMS account settings’ section inside the app
  2. Click on ‘Add connected account’
  3. Enter the User name and Password for the SMS service provider’s account
  4. Choose the Vendor (SMS service provider) from the available options
  5. Enter the Mask (e.g. SELLDO) – The sms receiver will see this mask as a sendor
  6. Enter the DLT entity id (Mandatory) and Telemarketer id (Optional)
  7. Check the ‘Active’ checkbox
  8. Click on ‘Save’

How to Create SMS template:

  1. Navigate to the ‘SMS Templates’
  2. Click on ‘Add SMS Template’
  3. Enter the Name of the template
  4. Enter the Content of the DLT approved SMS template
  5. Choose associated Entity type from Lead, Deal or Contact
  6. Choose SMS type
  7. Choose the vendor for which the template is being created
  8. Enter the DLT template ID (Mandatory) and DLT tag ID (Optional)
  9. Check the Active checkbox
  10. Click ‘Save’

How to Add users in the app:

  1. Navigate to ‘Manage Users’ inside the SMS app
  2. Click on ‘Add User’
  3. Enter the Name and Email of the user
  4. Choose the Role from Member or Admin
  5. Choose the corresponding Kylas user from the list of Users available in your Kylas account
  6. Click on Save
  7. The users added in the app will receive a email for their account verification, after verification the users can install the app and login from their credentials.
  8. The users added with the role as ‘Admin’ will be able to view all tabs in the SMS application
  9. The users added with the role as ‘Member’ will only be able to view SMS logs and Templates

Send SMS from Kylas UI:

  1. After successfully setting up the SMS app go to a Lead, Contact or Deal’s Details page
  2. In the productivity section, click on the Message Icon
  3. Click the ‘New Message’ CTA
  4. Click on the ‘Send SMS’ action
  5. It will open up a pop up where you will be asked to choose the phone number and SMS template
  6. After selecting the Number and Template, click on ‘Send’ button
  7. Refresh the message section to view the new entry created or sent SMS
  8. You can also view the SMS log and errors (if any) under the SMS log section of the app in marketplace


It requests following permissions

  • Contact:

    Read, SMS
  • User:

  • Company:

    Read All
  • Deal:

    Read, SMS
  • Search List:

  • Lead:

    Read, SMS
  • Pipeline:

  • Products-Services:

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