Tubelight SMS



This application helps you to communicate with your customers through kylas over the different channels like SMS and WhatsApp. you can connect with your customers by any service available in your Tubelight communication's account.

How Will it Work?

A. Installation and On boarding with Tubelight:

To start with Onboarding → You can send a request for your account creation to Tubelight by sending email request at or also you can connect our sales team at our IVR number – 75894 75894

Once your Admin account is setup at Tubelight, kindly follow the further process given below:


Step 1 : 

Managing your profile section in Kylas by mentioning your account name(Tenant Name) provided by Tubelight


Right corner → User Profile → CRM settings → Navigate to Account → Profile Account Name: –

*Note : Please keep this name as same to Tenant name created at Tubelight


Step 2 :

Login to the account credentials provided by the Tubelight for Kylas authentication in another tab.
– Provide Tenant Name
– UserId
– Password


Step 3 :

Now, Installation of Tubelight on Kylas Marketplace → All APPs → Searched for Tubelight → Clicked on Tubelight → Install → Click on Allow and Install


*Note : After Installation, Incase you block the Tubelight site the process will throw an error so please make sure to accept and allow all the cookies and sessions of Tubelight site.


B. Setup the account at Kylas sales :

  1. Step 1 :Click On “Kylas Sales” → After each agent creation, kindly share your userId and registered email-Id(you can get this information in “My Account” of particular agents available in Kylas login) to Tubelight support ( Once the details are received at Tubeligt-support , they will map the details and confirm you for further go-ahead with your services – Click to call, SMS, WhatsAppStep 2 : 

    Click On “for dots” You will see the option for “Tubelight Phone”


    Step 3 :

    Once you click on Tubelight Phone → the below given screen will be popped up.You need to click on the “yellow highlighted” option above and once you do the same “GO ONLINE” option will be viewable.

    Once you “Go Online” → You can start with your calling activities.

    *Note : Please don’t click on cross(X), you can minimize the screen by clicking on option next to cross(X)

C. Sending Messages, WhatsApp Functionalities:

  1. For SMS and WhatsApp sending:


    Step 1: 

    Please share your new template request for registration with Team – Tubelight


    Step 2 :

    Once Tubelight approves the same and reply you back about it, further process with your SMS activity using Kylas platform


    Step 3 :

    Click on your Leads / Deals and Contacts → Select your contact and click on the same, you will find the below screen on which click on the highlighted section (tubelight Icon)


    Step 4 :

    As soon you click on the “Tubelight Icon” from your selected lead the below selection of channel will appear – SMS or WhatsAppTubelight Communications Limited, private and confidential.


    Step 5 :

    Select Channel SMS → the number will be auto-filled for the selected lead/deals/contact → Select
    your preferable template → Click on “Send SMS”


    Step 6:

    Select Channel WhatsApp → the number will be auto-filled for the selected lead/deals/contact → Select your preferable template → Click on “Submit”


    Step 7 :

    The WhatsApp also gives an option to communicate 2-way means, the requests and the response can be managed using the Kylas platform. Below screenshot is for your reference


It requests following permissions

  • Lead

    Read, ReadAll, Write, SMS, Call
  • Team

  • Note

  • Contact

    Read, ReadAll, Write, SMS, Call
  • Deal

    Read, SMS, Call
  • Company

    Read, ReadAll
  • Share Rule

    Read, Write
  • User

  • Search List

  • Call

    Read, Write, Update
  • Task

  • Products-Services

  • Pipeline

    Read, ReadAll
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