Email Marketing


Connecting Gmail with a Kylas sales CRM can save time and increase efficiency by automating tasks such as lead capture, contact synchronization, and email tracking. It also allows sales teams to access up-to-date customer data for more informed communication and a streamlined sales process. Additionally, by reducing manual data entry and streamlining workflows, connecting Gmail with a Kylas sales CRM can increase sales team productivity, ultimately leading to more successful sales.

How will it work?

  • Login to Kylas and Navigate to Setup -> Communication -> Email Settings.

Install the app:

  • Click on the ‘Gmail’ tile. This will open the Gmail authentication window.

Signup and Sign in

  • Complete the Gmail authentication process and you will see your Gmail account connected with Kylas CRM.

How to send emails to leads/contacts from Kylas CRM

  • Login to Kylas and Navigate to any Lead/Contact details page. Click on the email icon on the Lead/Contact/Deal details page.

  • After step 1, the email composer will be opened with the name of lead/contact/contacts associated with the deal auto-populated in the To section.

  • Draft the message to be sent to the recipient. Add/remove recipients in To, Cc, or Bcc sections; if necessary.

  • The send button will become active when there is at least 1 recipient for the message. Click on the Send button, to initiate the email sending process.

  • Once the email is sent, a toaster message will be displayed and the sent mail can be viewed on the Email section on the productivity sidebar.


  • Permissions :

    Any user with special access (email) to Leads/Contacts/Deals
  • Activities to be Completed :

    Connect Gmail Account with Kylas CRM.
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