Lead Generation


Facebook Lead Integration App helps users to get the leads generated from Facebook into their CRM system. Users can connect their Facebook forms from the live campaigns running on Facebook. You can also map appropriate sources on the Leads getting created which helps to filter out the leads coming from Facebook. Relevant products or services can be associated with the leads, and leads can also be assigned to relevant users.

How will It work?

Steps to install:

  1. Click on the Install app button
  2. Click on ‘Allow and Install’
  3. After installation, sign up on the app
  4. Verify your email and login
  5. Navigate to ‘Installed apps’ under Marketplace
  6. Click on ‘View Details’ of Facebook Lead Integration app
  7. Go to Facebook settings and connect your Facebook account which has all the pages and campaigns associated.
  8. Once you connect your Facebook account go to the forms section.
  9. Here you will see all the pages and different campaigns associated with that page.
  10. Click on the Add button to select the particular campaign/campaigns from which you want leads/Contacts in your Kylas account.
  11. After adding the campaigns, map the Kylas Fields with respect to Facebook Fields by clicking on the Edit Button
  12. Now you will see two different entity forms- one is Lead Field Mapping and another one is Contact Field Mapping
  13. Select the Field, Campaign, Source according to your entity and parameters, and then select the owner which will be responsible for handling the entities coming from facebook source.
  14. Make sure you click on the Checkbox “Create Lead/Contact”
  15. Now First Select the Facebook form field and then map it with the Kylas field and hit Add Field mapping button
  16. Follow the same process to map all fields from Facebook source form.
  17. To check Facebook source, go to Facebook
  18. Login with your Facebook account
  19. Choose the Facebook page and form that you want to test
  20. Click on ‘Create Lead’
  21. Click on the ‘Track status’ button to see if there are any errors
  22. If the status is successful, please check your Kylas account. You will see a test lead has been added from the Facebook source.


After successful installation, kindly refer to the ‘Help’ section under the app if needed.


It requests the following permissions

  • User:

  • Search List:

  • Lead:

    Read, Write, Update
  • Pipeline:

  • Contact:

    Read, Write, Update
  • Company:

    Read All
  • Products-services:

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