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Lead Generation


Property Portals Integration App enables Kylas users who belong to the real estate industry to connect their property portals and seamlessly get their leads in Kylas. Property Portals Integration app can connect with portals like 99 Acres, Magic bricks, or IndiaProperty to get leads directly on their Kylas dashboard.

How Will It Work?

Please follow below steps to setup the application:

  1. Install the ‘Property Portals Integration’ application from Kylas Marketplace
  2. Enter the Kylas account API key
  3. Choose the portal that you want to connect
  4. Map the portal fields with Kylas fields
  5. The Leads will start coming to your Kylas account upon successful integration


It requests the following permissions:

  • Pipeline:

  • Lead:

    Read, write, update
  • Search List:

  • User:

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