Channel Partner Management

Channel Partner


Channel Partner Management App helps Kylas users onboard their partners/franchises to the application and share leads with channel partners. Channel partners can also create leads by themselves which get reflected in the CRM.

How will It work?

Register on the app:

  1. Install the ‘Channel partner management’ app on the kylas account 
  2. Click ‘Register Now’ 
  3. Enter the prompted details 
  4. Make sure to enter a unique email, phone and Company name on the register now form as there is uniqueness set on all three fields 
  5. Leave Booking portal field empty 
  6. Click register  
Register on the app:


    1. After registration login to the channel partner module 
    2. You will be prompted with a pop up to enter Kylas API key 

If you don’t get the prompt, there was some flaw in the registration flow. You will need to re-register with new email id, phone and name


  1. Enter the Kylas API key and save it 
  2. Once you save the API key you can it under Edit client -> Integrations

Invite your partner Companies:

  1. Navigate to the ‘Users’ page 
  2. Click ‘Add User’ 
  3. Click ‘Add Partner Company’ 
  4. Enter the required details and Save 
Invite your partner Companies:

Add Partner Users:

  1. Navigate to the ‘Users’ page 
  2. Click ‘Add Users’ 
  3. Click ‘Add Partners’ 
  4. Choose the partner company under which you would like to add this partner 
  5. Enter other required details 
  6. Click Save 


The users will receive an invite from the Channel Partner app which they can verify and login

Note: Connect with Kylas support ( team to get your ‘Partner Login URL’ which your partners will be using to login as the partner portal is a separate app.  

Add Partner Users:

Share Leads with Partners:

After the complete setup you can share the Leads to the respective partners so that they can work on them

  1. Go to Kylas Lead details page of any specific Lead that you would like to share with a partner
  2. Click on the ‘More action’ button on the right-hand side as shown below
  3. Click ‘Push to Partner’
  4. Choose a product from the list and list of partners with whom you would like to share Leads with
  5. Click ‘Save’
  6. After you click ‘Save’ below set of activities happen
    • The Lead will be shared with the partners you choose
    • A Deal wrt each partner will be created in your Kylas account
    • Name of the partner will be attached with the Deal and you can see the partner name under ‘Partner’ custom field
    • You can create report or apply filter on this field to check the number of Deals available with each partner user
  7. The Partner can login to their own account and view the shared Lead under the ‘Deals’ section
  8. A Partner can also add notes on the Deal which will be displayed in your Kylas account as well.
  9. A Partner can also add a Deal in the system and that will be created in your Kylas account as well.
Share Leads with Partners:

Push to partner in bulk:

You can push the Leads to partners in bulk by following below steps

  1. Navigate to Leads listing page  
  2. Choose the Leads that you would like to share with partners  
  3. Click on the action ‘Push to partner’ which is shown on the RHS of the page 
  4. Choose the name of partners and click ‘Save’ 


It will share all the Leads with partners in bulk and create that many number of Deals by partners in your Kylas account.

Push to partner in bulk:


It requests the following permissions:

  • Lead:

    Read, Read All, Update, Update All
  • Deal:

    Read, Read All, Write, Update, Update All, Note
  • Products-services:

    Read, Read All
  • Pipeline:

    Read, Read All
  • Contact:

    Read, Read All, Write
  • User:

    Read, Read All
  • Note:

    Read, Read All, Write
  • Search List:

  • Company:

    Read, Read All
  • Custom Field:

    Read, Read All, Write, Update, Update All
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