25 %
Increase in Sales

Better inter-team


Brought transparency

in the sales process

  • Wow Cosmetology Logo
  • Industry HEALTHCARE

    Location Mumbai, India

    Previously used software Excel Sheets

  • Sales team size3-4
  • Challenges
    • No sales process in place
    • No automation capabilities
    • No system to record data and set reminders
  • How Kylas Helped
    • Deal pipeline helped track revenue from customers
    • Improved inter-team coordination
    • Reminders & Notifications helped keep track of each sales stage

A Cosmetic Consulting Company recorded a 25% increase in sales with Kylas!

Dr. Vinay Chouksey

Co-Founder, Wow Cosmetology

About WOW Cosmetology: 

Wow is a cosmetology center, located in Juhu, Mumbai, that provides Dental, Skin, Hair, and Acupuncture treatment under one roof. It is one of the best multi-specialty clinics that use advanced technology to deliver comfortable and painless treatment options to its clients. 


Prior to using any CRM, WOW Cosmetology relied on spreadsheets to manage its entire sales process.

“ Kylas has streamlined our sales process. It was very hard to keep track of leads and deals. We had to manually follow up with leads and that delayed our conversion process.

Our process was extremely fragmented. With Kylas CRM, closing deals has become faster.

The Management had no clarity about the process. Being a new organization, the initial few months were tough. The sales team was struggling with data management and wanted to standardize the process, in order to improve their performance. 

With no automation, no revenue forecasting, or the ability to attract opportunities and analyze close dates, things had become cumbersome. 

There was no system to record data and set reminders, so we didn’t have a clear process to manage support queries either,” recalls Dr. Vinay. 

Why Kylas? 

We were new in the industry and our immediate goal was to acquire more clients and grow our business. We found Kylas to be an easy-to-use CRM and quite intuitive.

We had a very smooth onboarding process. I am very glad to say that my team got assistance and support at each level from Kylas Customer Success team. In no time the team adopted Kylas and started using it regularly.  Kylas is also cost-effective and as a growing business, it became our first choice.

Kylas has a simple and intuitive UI. Our team at Wow Cosmetology was able to adapt to it easily and kick-off sales tracking in no time. The Management is happy with the progress.


How Kylas Helped? 

Kylas helps us keep track of the entire sales process on one single platform. We have the freedom to create multiple pipelines to keep track of the different stages of our leads and deals. 

The best part of using this CRM is that we have clear visibility of each salesperson and the prospect he is reaching out to. Kylas CM brings in transparency in the system, thus ensuring no two sales representatives reach out to the same prospect at any given point in time. 

Not only that, we have no duplication of leads as well.  

Whatsapp and Facebook integrations available in Kylas has proved to offer more flexibility to the team and help them drive sales and communicate more effectively with customers

Kylas offers a great feature set, which our team has been using consistently. Some of the most used features of Kylas are tasks, mail, WhatsApp integrations, and reports. 

Looking back at the implementation, Dr. Vinay and his team have been incredibly happy with the results that Kylas has delivered.  

It’s only been two months of using Kylas and we can already see the progress. The overall experience with Kylas has been good. As a growing business, we have been helped immensely by Kylas.”  

Dr. Vinay says, “With Kylas, I can focus more on productive tasks, make strategic plans for the quarter, and set the right processes in place without worrying about my team’s efficiency.” 

The Road Ahead:  

Wow Cosmetology is continually working to launch new services and technology to serve their customers better. We are aiming to increase our engagement with our current clientele and amp up our revenue business by 50% in the next quarter.    

In view of this, Dr. Vinay Chouksey mentioned 

With Kylas’ sales automation process, we can now focus on scaling without having to introduce more manpower. We plan on aggressively increasing our footprint by better interacting with our customers and retaining the current ones.

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