Reduced Manual Efforts
and Saved Time


Business Operations 


Conversion Rates 

  • VK Ventures logo
  • Industry FINANCE

    Location Navi Mumbai

    Previously used software Excel

  • Sales team size80
  • Challenges
    • Difficulty in managing a huge sales team
    • Complications in tracking the leads from different campaigns
    • Need for quality analysis of incoming leads from different sources for better optimization
    • Need for automation in the entire sales process
    • Difficulty in achieving sales targets while scaling business and team
  • How Kylas Helped
    • Customized automation workflows simplified procedures and enhanced business operations
    • Customized dashboards helped to reduce manual efforts, thus saving time

How an E-Commerce & Fintech Company Automated Workflows and Enhanced Business Operations with Kylas

Vinay Kedia 

Director, VK Ventures 

About VK Ventures 

VK Ventures is a prominent player in the e-commerce and fintech space. The company has developed a portal through which merchants across India can provide various financial and utility services such as account opening, cash deposits, withdrawals, recharge, bill payments, money transfer, micro-FDs, insurance etc. This portal enables the merchants to deliver efficient services to their customers and earn commission on every transaction they carry out. 


VK Ventures operates in the e-commerce and fintech industries. It has always focused on delivering excellent services to the customers while keeping their requirements in perspective. It has a sales team of 80 members which was using a custom-developed CRM to facilitate several operations.

However, the custom-developed CRM, which was developed in Ahmedabad, was outdated and lacked important features.  

Accordingly, the company had to face various challenges such as managing a big sales team and tracking the leads from different campaigns that it ran.  

It was a challenge to analyze the quality of the lead coming from different sources and campaigns. This way, it was difficult to optimize those leads in an organized way.

The management also realized that there was a lack of automation of some basic operational works in the entire sales process. VK Ventures wanted to scale its business and team but faced huge challenges in achieving the sales targets.    

Why Kylas? 

Vinay tried Kylas and was impressed by its entire flow, process, operations, and integration options. After using Kylas, he was able to fulfil most of his requirements. He liked the customized automation of workflows.  

I can play around and customize everything according to my process, so even in the future if I make any changes in my operational flow, I can incorporate that change into CRM in minutes without any additional development

Furthermore, he enjoyed the feature of a customizable dashboard.  

It is a unique feature which provides a real-time picture of your business’ productivity and sales progression. I was able to customize the dashboard with important metrics and reports as per my business’s requirement

How Kylas Helped? 

With the assistance of Kylas, VK Ventures was able to get a complete view of its customers in a single database. Right from a customer’s name, address, financial details, and so on, everything was at the management’s fingertips.     

The company was able to enhance the agility of its operations. Kylas helped VK Ventures to integrate with various external applications. It was also able to ensure that every process was properly recorded in the CRM, therein increasing transparency.      

With Kylas, we have been able to track a plethora of fintech-related customer data with ease. Our sales reps can now instantly respond to customer enquiries, which has led to better conversion rates

This has resulted in an increase in the company’s sales and growth in business. The company is now in a better position to manage its clients and the ad campaigns, while making expenditures judiciously in different sources.    

Road Ahead 

With his eyes set firmly on the future, Vinay believes that there will be a positive trend in the e-commerce and fintech arena.

The industry will witness growth in the times to come, and we are sure that with Kylas by our side, we will meet customer expectations and scale our business positively.     

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