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Lead Conversion


Onboarding & Training

  • Upanal CNC Solutions
  • Industry LOGISTICS

    Location Bengaluru

    Previously used software Omni CRM

  • Sales team size8
  • Challenges
    • Limited capabilities with the previous CRM used
    • Less visibility into the sales pipeline
    • Unable to generate leads and convert them into deals
  • How Kylas Helped
    • Improved the chances of lead conversion
    • Improved the chances of customer retention
    • Enabled accurate sales forecasting
    • Able to view each customer’s activity log in one place
    • Able to track sales activities easily with advanced reporting

Machinery Services Company Sees Exponential Growth and Improvement in Productivity With Kylas

Poonam Anvedkar 

Internal Sales Team Leader 

About Upanal 

Incorporated in the year 2011, Upanal provides service and maintenance programs for all CNC machine services. Upanal is a wholesaler and dealer of Milling Machine, Turning Machine, CNC Machine Spare Parts, and many more. 

Headquartered in Bengaluru, Upanal provides customized service and maintenance programs, which can range from “care” maintenance of a technically impossible CNC machine to a masterpiece of its kind. 


As a growing business, Upanal CNC Solutions believes in providing quality service at competitive prices by understanding & catering to clients’ requirements. As the clientele base was growing quickly, Upanal needed a coherent system that could give them an exact picture of their sales pipeline.  

The previously used tech eco-system did not allow us to generate as many leads and close deals as much as we had anticipated.

Upanal needed a CRM that would help organize their sales team’s work and reduce errors in data collection. They needed software that could help their sales team consistently follow up with their clients and improve the chances of lead conversion. 

Why Kylas 

As Upanal explored how technology could solve the challenges they were facing, they began to look for a CRM, an alternative to the one they were using. 

As a growing company with limited resources, one of the key parameters in choosing Kylas was, of course, the price and the ability to start immediately. 

Soon after the Demo with Kylas CRM, we realized that it was the right choice and would help us resolve most of our urgent sales challenges. With a seamless onboarding and training process, we were able to hit the ground running from Day 1.

How Kylas helped 

With the transparency, Kylas provided, Upanal was able to view each customer’s activity log in one single place. Since they needed all the information related to every client, lead, and deal in one place, including contacts, calls, past meetings, opportunities, etc., Kylas helped them to improve the visibility of their sales pipeline. 

When asked about the top three features that Poonam liked about Kylas, she mentioned its capability to create custom reports and give insights into the sales performance, the automated workflows that allowed automating the sales processes; and the in-app notifications that keep the sales rep updated.   

Not only that, Kylas’ robust customer service helped us with quick training that helped our team get adapted to new business processes easily. Transitioning from one software to another was effortless. 

It has been going great with Kylas and I am glad we made the switch. As a sales CRM, I would rate it 4/5.

Looking forward 

Our sales process before Kylas was really unorganized. Finally, we have a solution where we can consolidate all the details and still have transparency. 

Thanks to Kylas, we are continuing to grow. Also, Kylas keeps adding new feature sets; we would like to explore those features as well that fit our sales process,” Poonam added. 

“In the years to come, with the necessary processes in place, we will be more capable of providing services of the highest level and to the complete satisfaction of our clients.” 

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