30% increase in
Student Enrolment Rate


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  • Industry EDUCATION

    Location Bengaluru

    Previously used software Excel Sheets

  • Sales team size5-6
  • Challenges
    • Difficulty in tracking student enquiries on Excel and Google Sheets
    • Removing duplicate data
    • Difficulty in maintaining call logs on Excel
  • How Kylas Helped
    • Improved enrolment rate
    • Enhanced student engagement
    • Increased outbound calling efforts through IVR



How a Growing Edtech Company Increased Student Enrolment Rate by 30% With Kylas

Nishant Jhunjhunwala

Co-Founder, Learn Digital Academy

About Learn Digital 

Learn Digital Academy is a dedicated training Institute that provides students with university certifications and on-campus placements. Being India’s only awarded agency-based digital education institute, they provide a comprehensive learning experience involving training, certification, internships, and placements.

They are a growing team of professionals, aimed at upskilling aspirants in new skills such as digital marketing, data science, artificial intelligence & graphic designing. 


As a growing Ed-Tech business, the counsellors at Learn Digital Academy deal with heaps of information on a daily basis.  

Previously, Learn Digital was using LeadSquared as the CRM for their sales team. But when their management decided to downsize their sales team, they had to switch to Excel and Google sheets to manage their data.

When we switched to Excel sheets and Google sheets from LeadSquared CRM, our counsellors found it extremely challenging to manage the entire student lifecycle on excel sheets. We have been on the lookout for an affordable CRM for quite some time and we got lucky with Kylas. 

We then decided to invest in a CRM which is affordable and stacked with a complete set of features.

The counsellors at Learn Digital Academy also reach out to prospective students daily to identify suitable candidates and increase enrolments. However, calling so many students and maintaining call logs for every call was challenging on excel sheets. Due to this, the counsellors could not follow up on the enquiries at the right time, and the enrolment rate started to drop. 

Nishant realized that excel sheets didn’t suffice the need any longer and it was time to look out for a different solution. 

Why Kylas

The team looked at various CRMs that would help their company as it scales.  However, most of the CRMs they explored were very expensive. 

With a simple UI and excellent feature set, Kylas was quite affordable. Compared to LeadSquared, Kylas offered additional features at a much more affordable price- such as getting real-time information on the latest activities and generating multi-dimensional reports.  When the team attended the demo, they were sure Kylas could help the admissions team increase and manage enrolments better. 

He realized that with automation, customized reports, and telephony in one platform, their team could save time and money by cutting down the need to invest in different other tools to get work done. 

How Kylas Helped 

Kylas CRM helped LearnDigital Academy streamline student enrolments and admissions by providing a comprehensive view of every contact or enquiry.  The team could now sync enquiries from different sources, keep track of the incoming students and store all their details in a single place.

With Kylas in place, our counsellors can now identify candidates from multiple channels, keep track of all student information and build better relationships with them to boost enrolment rates. Not just that, with Kylas we can now track LIVE status of the students during an admission process.

With the Bulk Update and Bulk Delete features, the team could minimise manual efforts, manage a large quantum of student inquiries easily and save time.  

Kylas’ notes, task reminders, and meeting updates have helped our counsellors organise their daily tasks better. Our productivity has improved with this CRM system and most importantly- now we do not miss out on a single lead.

The productivity dashboard, multi-dimensional reports and Smart Lists in Kylas helped us track enquiries that needed a follow up by our counsellors.

I am delighted to say that due to timely follow-ups through Kylas’s automated messages and emails, our overall enrolment rate has improved significantly by 30%.

Talking about the impact the CRM has had on Learn Digital, Nishant said that because of Kylas CRM, their counsellors can now make one-click calls from the platform to candidates through IVR. This has helped them align their outbound efforts significantly.  

Kylas offers multi-dimensional reports that give instant information on key sales metrics and help evaluate business growth. We use reports extensively to track the performance of our sales team or a particular counsellor.

Moreover, it also helps us figure out which courses are the most popular, and which ones need improvement. We also use reports to gather information about the channels that are capturing the highest number of students’ enquiries. These customized reports have helped our management to make informed data-driven business decisions.

Additionally, Nishant also highlighted how onboarding and adoption to this new platform were seamless.

Kylas gave us the much-needed support and guidance at every point to help close enrolments quickly.

Nishant also praised Kylas’s Customer Success team as they were always at their disposal via Telephony, Chat, WhatsApp or Email. For any query, Nishant’s team would get a response within an hour. Plus, all their queries were handled with priority and resolved within 24 hrs. 

Road Ahead 

According to Nishant, with Learn Digital, they aim to provide better career opportunities for anyone looking to start a new career or upskill themselves. They plan to scale and provide affordable and trending courses to anyone willing to enhance their skills and excel in their business. 

He feels that this is a massive opportunity for Learn Digital to grow and expand the business, and Kylas is definitely going to play an integral part in this journey.  

 I am glad we made the right choice when we chose Kylas CRM to streamline our sales efforts. As a sales CRM helping us to scale, I would like to rate it 4/5.

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