higher close rate 

Reduced Sales

Cycle Length

Better sync between

their sales and support team

  • ITMatic Logo
  • Industry ITES

    Location India   

    Previously used software Excel Sheets, LMS 

  • Sales team size8-10 
  • Challenges
    • Managing the inflow of deals & keeping track of the sales pipeline
    • Maintaining reports, which delayed the decision making in the organization
    • Lack of coordination and sync between their sales and support team
  • How Kylas Helped
    • Intuitive UI, Easy to use and affordable CRM
    • Multiple sales pipelines helped to make revenue forecasts, analyze process efficiencies, identify problem areas, and plan corrective measures
    • Helped in better lead management, could monitor and manage their geographically dispersed sales team
    • Increased collaboration- through notes, tasks, and meetings

How a Leading ITeS Company Increased Closure Rates By 20% With Kylas

Apurva Thakker 

Director, ITMatic 

ITMatic is one of the leading telecom service providers in India with a presence across the globe. It was established in the year 2001 and offers 360⁰ telecom solutions to a large base of 5000+ SME and corporate customers. 

Over the last few years, ITMatic has experienced exponential growth; however, with the market expansion, numerous challenges arose that needed to be addressed right away. For instance, how would a geographically dispersed team drive the sales engine using excel sheets!

Apurva recalls trying out a lead management software that wasn’t of much value.

We had a very difficult time chalking out a clear sales process. Managing the inflow of deals and keeping track of the sales pipeline was cumbersome and frustrating.

Another challenge that Apurva faced was maintaining the hygiene of reports, which delayed the decision-making in the organization.

We did not have a good reporting system in place, simply because we didn’t have a process in place to manage and monitor the sales team.

Why Kylas?

With a growing sales team, Apurva was on the lookout for an effective and easy-to-use software that fit their business needs.

Apurva knew that a sales CRM could efficiently help in better lead management and monitor and manage his geographically dispersed team. The team evaluated multiple CRM tools. Usability and ease of adoption were crucial for him, but none of the tools that he tried matched his requirements.

Signing up for a free trial was the natural next step, and also one of the best decisions that Apurva took. Apurva found Kylas to be more intuitive, customizable and easy-to-use, CRM tools than he had considered earlier.

With unlimited users, across all plans, Apurva found Kylas to be extremely cost-effective without compromising on any key CRM features.

We wanted a CRM that had a good feature set and didn’t end up burning our pocket—at the same time could be used easily by our sales team.

How Kylas Helped? 

With no automation, no revenue forecasting, or ability to attract opportunities and analyze close dates, Itmatic’s business was suffering.  

Apurva, now an avid Kylas user himself, stresses on the importance of Kylas in helping him manage his business on a day-to-day basis. He could use multiple sales pipelines to enable business leaders to make revenue forecasts, analyze process efficiencies, identify problem areas, plan corrective measures, and take other strategic actions. 

Features & Functionalities used:

  • The sales team could create custom fields in Kylas to capture details of the various products that are implemented for each customer. 
  • With multiple pipelines in place, the sales team could contact hot new leads faster 
  • With Kylas, it was now easy to collaborate on deals-  take notes, create tasks and set up meetings 
  • With Kylas’ automated workflows, the pre-sales and inside sales reps are more organized and focused on where they choose to spend their time, which is – selling

With 8 members to move the sales needle, ITMatic managed 20% higher close rate! In fact, Apurva observed that the sales reps had reduced sales cycle length significantly. Monitoring the sales team, especially when they are working remotely, has never been easier. 

Reporting is an excellent feature in Kylas. My team can generate and analyze multiple reports of the leads converted and the deals that are expected to close this month. 

Additionally, Apurva felt increased coordination and sync between their sales and support team. Every conversation and meeting with a prospect or customer is captured and monitored in Kylas. 

It was also important for ITMatic to manage support tickets inside the CRM, and solve the disconnect between sales and support teams. After the trial, Apurva was convinced by the strong customer support platform that Kylas offers.  

The onboarding team is extremely efficient and made sure the training and onboarding of our sales team were seamless. I am very happy with the way the tech team has responded to our queries and has resolved them quickly.” 

The Road Ahead 

Our offerings have helped over 5000 SME and corporate companies around the world – and our client base is growing. Over the next few years, we are plan to deliver 360° solutions to clients while developing lasting relationships, and becoming a market leader on a global scale within a decade. 

As a small sales team, we need to put all our efforts in the right direction.  To my team, Kylas is the ideal Sales CRM for our growing business. From identifying newer opportunities to being operationally effective, Kylas has a big role to play in scaling our business.” 

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