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  • Industry RETAIL

    Location New Delhi, India

    Previously used software Excel sheets

  • Sales team size6
  • Challenges
    • Unable to monitor sales team efficiency
    • Low visibility of leads pipeline
    • Substantial time spent on repetitive manual tasks
    • Unable to engage with clients on a consistent basis
  • How Kylas Helped
    • Improved reporting and sales forecasting
    • Improved transparency and visibility of leads
    • Improved customer follow-ups by setting reminders and pending activities
    • Automated timely & consistent communication with clients

How a Food-Tech Startup Improved Internal Processes and Customer Engagement

Praveen Kumar 

AVP, Daalchini Technologies 

About Daalchini

Founded by Prerna Kalra and Vidya Bhushan in 2017, Daalchini is a brand of full-stack smart retail offerings that cater to on-the-go food consumption with a specialized supply chain designed to serve 6-meal-a-day needs of our customers.  

Operating through IoT-led ‘phygital’ vending machines, Daalchini offers healthy meals to corporate professionals.  


When the business at Daalchini began to scale up, the team wanted a process where they could have frequent conversations with their new clients and could also follow-up on time. The team monitored leads on an excel sheet initially, however, as the business scaled, they had very low visibility into the leads pipeline. 

As the team grew and operations scaled, we wanted something more sustainable. Monitoring our teams, keeping track of client conversations, and following up on every call had become tedious.

Pravin realized that excel sheets didn’t suffice the need any longer and it was getting difficult to organize outbound meetings and demos to align them to their targets. In addition to that, he found that recording the data manually was a time-consuming activity.

As a growing business, they couldn’t afford to spend their time on manual tasks that could be easily automated. This was the primary reason Pravin decided to opt for a Sales CRM that could help them scale their business faster. 

Why Kylas

Pravin needed an easy-to-use CRM, that would help him track sales activities, create multiple pipelines, monitor team performance, and automate business processes. 

When the team attended the Demo, they were impressed with Kylas and how it could quickly capture Leads from the web form and 3rd party sources. 

Not only that, Daalchini required connecting with various third-party platforms and tools to function seamlessly. Kylas offered integrations that looked promising to the business. 

How Kylas Helped 

The sales managers could now view the details of all their team members’ activities. All the data—the number of calls made, deals closed, and follow-ups—was now easy to track and monitor. This also contributed to the team members becoming more accountable and efficient.  

Kylas is an intuitive and easy to use CRM that helped us engage more proactively with customers for faster conversion.

Daalchini needed a CRM platform that could help improve their sales Reporting and Monitoring.  

After implementing Kylas, the team could set up calls and reminders and this gave their salespeople a lot of clarity and they could prioritize their tasks. Also, the team was able to create email templates & automate them, thereby increasing productivity. 

As a growing business, we needed to connect with various third-party platforms and tools for our daily operations. And Kylas helped in seamless integrations with Facebook, Klenty integration via Zapier, and Indiamart.

Road Ahead

Daalchini Technologies plans to raise growth capital of up to USD 8 million (around Rs 58 crore) in the next 2-3 years to support its growth plans. 

Daalchini plans to expand its presence across India by growing from 400 to 600 vending machines across 20 cities, including Delhi-NCR, Mumbai, Pune, Goa, Chandigarh, and Mohali.  

Elaborating on the company’s growth journey, Prerna Kalra, Co-founder, and CEO, Daalchini technologies says: “We grew from 2 kiosks to 50 in FY19, and from 50 to 200 in FY20. In Q4 of FY21, we grew from 200 to 310 and now 440+ kiosks by expanding the scope of our solution… At the pace at which we are growing, we should be able to achieve an annual turnover rate of Rs 144 crore by the end of FY22”.  

With the upcoming expansion, Daalchini aims to uplift more lives through new and exciting employment opportunities. Praveen believes that by adopting Kylas as the sales CRM software, they will be on very solid ground to revolutionize tech-driven snacking over the next few years. 

Simply put, Kylas has undoubtedly become an integral part of Daalchini’s growth story. 

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