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    Location Ahmedabad, Gujarat

    Previously used software A renowned CRM software

  • Sales team size20+
  • Challenges
    • Difficulty in capturing travel data on one single platform
    • Missing lead/ inquiry from interested travellers
    • Bouncing back after Covid crisis
  • How Kylas Helped
    • Automated workflows helped save time and optimize processes
    • Seamless collaboration among team members
    • Easy access to all the customer data on one single platform
    • Easy tracking of all miscellaneous travel-related customer data


How a COVID-Hit Travel Agency Achieved 30% More Sales With Kylas?

Aalap Modi

Co-Founder, AjayModi Travels

About Ajay Modi Travels 

Based out of Ahmedabad, Ajay Modi Travels is a reputable travel service company that offers a broad spectrum of travel-related services across India. Operating for more than two decades now, the company is committed to providing the best-in-class services and customized holiday packages to its customers. 


Battered by the pandemic, the Indian travel and tourism industry saw a major dip in the number of travellers- both domestic and international. Ajay Modi Travels too faced this ripple effect and saw an unexpected slowdown in business.  

However, as the pandemic situation started to normalize, the travel industry too started to see the green shoots of recovery. During this time, Ajay Modi Travels experienced a great influx of inquiries.

It was then that the team decided to make strides on capitalizing on the increased inquiries for scaling their business and creating a stronger foothold. 

For the most part, the enquiries came with a wide range of requests in terms of customization. Therefore, the company needed a system to manage its customer data and streamline all of its processes. 

In addition to this, there was a need to better maintain the bulk data; manual data entry was proving to be inefficient. They wanted a solution that would automate all of these tasks and ensure they never miss appointments or booking deadlines. 

After the toughest two tough years in tourism history, finally, there was a little sense of optimism at the beginning of 2021.

The industry started showing some signs of recovery and we wanted to capitalize on it by building a credible presence to keep our business from falling apart. CRM helped us achieve this goal.

Why Kylas

If you ask me, why did our management choose Kylas over the other CRMs, my answer would be – a full stack of features at just one-third of the usual CRM cost.

 If it wasn’t for Kylas , we would have to pay a premium to get the feature we get here. Plus, our team would not get the handholding needed to quickly adopt a new platform like a CRM. With Kylas, thankfully, this is not the case. 

Kylas is easy to use and, at the same time, affordable. We have been able to communicate with our customers better and monitor our team’s performance efficiently.

How Kylas Helped 

With Kylas, Ajay Modi Travels could get a 360-Degree view of their customer’s database such as customer’s name, address, tour booking history, financial details, inquiries related information and many more.

Additionally, their travel agents could manage customer accounts and advanced bookings easily, thus saving time.

Not just that, tracking all the miscellaneous travel-related customer data was effortless. Their agents could now respond to inquiries within minutes leading to better conversion rates for Ajay Modi travels. 

To which Aalap Modi says,

Currently, we have our 20+ users using Kylas and let us tell you that they have not missed a single lead or call from any prospective traveler. Kylas didn’t just help us boost our sales; it also helped us build strong relationships with our clients.

In fact, in the last 6 months, our sales increased to 30% and our customer satisfaction improved by 20%.

Mr. Alaap Modi was also very pleased with the support his team received from Kylas, and the customizations Kylas provided.

From integrating lead capture forms to prioritizing the travel enquiries, assigning it over to the right travel agent, to storing all of the customer data, and to customizing their travel itinerary plans, Kylas did it all.  

“With Kylas we can now capture all our leads in one place and gain relevant details about the interested travellers. It has made collaboration easier among the team members and helped us better manage our workload.” 

With workflow automation, their in-house tour managers could create custom workflow rules and new tasks based on customers’ preferences.

They did not have to worry about missing consulting appointments or missing tour enquiries. The custom rules allowed them to send emails and reminder alerts about the appointment meetings.  

Furthermore, he added how the team at Kylas has always been open to new ideas and suggestions. 

When we wanted an in-built calling app in Kylas CRM, the team at Kylas took this requirement on priority and seamlessly integrated Exotel and Airtel IQ Kylas caller apps for our travel agents.

Now our travel agents could call their customers directly, listen to customer feedback and improve their services using call recordings.

Road Ahead 

While the pandemic has certainly impacted their business, Alaap Modi remains hopeful for the future. Going into 2022, he foresees a positive trend in travel patterns and a substantial rise in travel enquiries & bookings.

With Kylas right by their side, they are positive of scaling and meeting their customer expectations.

This CRM is beneficial for businesses looking forward to scaling new heights. I would recommend Kylas CRM to everyone in the travel & tourism industry.

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