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Attract students, streamline your admission process and boost enrolment rates with a CRM made for growing educational institutions.


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Do Educational Institutions need a CRM?

Educational institutions need to cater to a wide and vast range of enquiries, from students looking for various courses. Your sales reps can’t afford to miss promising enquiries due to lack of timely follow-ups or continued engagement. Moreover, manually managing such extensive data on Excel can be exhausting, and even a tiny error can result in student enquiries falling through the cracks. You can overcome these very challenges by implementing a CRM that caters to your unique needs.

Nurture students to admission

An education CRM helps you focus on prospective students, and engage with them at different touchpoints quickly and effectively.

Streamline your admission process

It further helps you streamline your admission process by increasing your counsellor’s productivity, ensures timely follow-ups, decreases leakage of leads or admission enquiries, optimizes marketing costs and simplifies decision making.

Enable seamless collaboration

CRM helps different teams to collaborate on a single deal and ensures timely closure.

How can Kylas help you
boost your enrolment rates?

Automatically capture student inquiries from all your channels

  • Capture enquiries from email, live chat, 3rd party education apps, and web forms.

  • Import data from large databases effortlessly and save hours of manual data entry.

Automate workflows to minimise manual errors

  • Automate the entire enrolment process to save
    time and boost counsellor productivity.

  • Send automatic personalised communication to
    students and prospect.

  • Automatically assign the right enquiries to the
    right counsellor.

Engage prospects for faster conversion

  • Reach out to prospects instantly by creating multiple meaningful touchpoints throughout their journey.

  • Send in-app and email reminders; create custom templates and personalised emails; send SMS updates and course reminders; view email and phone records.

  • Track student communications through the Notes feature.

Customize CRM as per your needs

  • Streamline enrolments by creating multiple and fully customizable pipelines to fit your application process.

  • Generate custom filters that will help you find specific details on students based on their locations, choice of courses, demographics etc.

Gain detailed insights into your team’s performance

  • Make data-backed decisions, generate detailed reports and gain insights to optimize your outreach and boost enrolments.

  • Understand which channel is capturing the most customer enquiries, the performance of your sales team and the most popular & revenue-generating courses.

Integrate 3rd party apps to streamline the enrolment process

  • Integrate Kylas with your favourite apps like custom email servers (Gmail and outlook), email marketing solutions (mail chimp, Netcore), SMS, calling solutions and more!


Why should I invest in an Education CRM?

Staying relevant in today’s competitive education landscape requires businesses to deliver an exceptional experience and ensure customer retention while minimising operational costs. A CRM, such as Kylas, designed for educational institutions helps you do just that and more. Get a free demo today to know how Kylas can optimize your business.

What is the cost of an Education CRM?

Kylas is available at a flat cost of INR 7,499/month. You can onboard unlimited users and benefit from an extensive set of features. Your team can get free onboarding and training, which is offered by Kylas CRM experts.

What happens when a lead is converted to multiple entities?

Kylas helps you streamline interactions with your prospects and students by personalising messages and sending automatic reminders and course updates. It helps you reach out to the right prospects at the right time. This improves their experience and, in turn, your course enrolments.

How does Kylas help me make data-driven decisions?

Kylas generates comprehensive reports that give you in-depth insights into your sales process. Know how your sales team is performing, which channel is capturing the most enquiries and which course is the most popular. You also receive insights on the courses that need improvement.

Can I integrate Kylas with my existing infrastructure?

Yes, Kylas can be easily integrated with your existing infrastructure and any other 3rd party applications that you might want to use moving forward.

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