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Kylas helps you integrate easily with your go-to business tools. Our marketplace offers you an ever-expanding selection of apps to connect with. Spend less time managing tools and more on growing your business.

    Webhooks using Kylas Workflow

    Open API

    Leverage Open APIs to integrate Kylas with other popular business applications. Develop custom features and customize your CRM as per your unique needs using the free API key.

    Kylas Open API


    What do you mean by Integration in CRM?

    Integration enables users to sync CRM data with other, third-party platforms. Through integration, all the business data can either flow into or out of a CRM system to other popular business platforms with ease. It helps to expand the scope of CRM functionalities as via integrations multiple and diverse operations become possible through one single platform. Once your CRM is integrated with the rest of your tech stack, your customer information flows freely between all the platforms you use to run your business. It provides a complete, 360-degree view of all customer data since the data is synchronized from various platforms.

    Why is CRM Integration important?

    CRM integrations help you provide an enhanced customer experience and boost the efficiency of your business. With integration, your teams do not need to manually transfer data relating to your business or your customers from different apps, since a seamless data network is created. Such manual data imports take up a lot of time of your agents, and there are large chances of errors. CRM integration hence creates an accurate database, towards which your teams’ bandwidth does not need to be directed. Besides, it enhances the scope of your CRM usage since diverse tasks can be undertaken through a single platform. You can manage your marketing, nurturing, sales, invoicing etc. activities more efficiently through CRM integrations.

    Does Kylas CRM Support third party Tools or API’s?

    Kylas CRM supports third-party tools. We allow data transfers through webhooks and have open APIs to integrate with different popular tools. Kylas Marketplace is a culmination of all the third-party tools like email marketing, calling, payments & invoicing, and lead generation platforms. By integrating your Kylas CRM with these tools, you can streamline your business operation by bringing all aspects related to it under a unified platform. You can also leverage open APIs to integrate Kylas with other popular business applications.

    Which Integration services does Kylas support

    For email marketing & communication, you can integrate Kylas with some of the leading platforms such as Mailchimp, SendGrid, Gmail and Outlook. Zapier and Integrately integrations can be used to make your data flow smooth and seamless. You can also integrate Kylas with a number of cloud-based telephony apps (such as MyOperator or Airtel), SMS platforms (like Twilio and Gupshup) and Business WhatsApp to engage your customers on all channels. Razorpay and Stripe integration can bring the power of invoicing and payment right into your sales process. Furthermore, you can capture leads from various platforms like Facebook and Justdial, or property-specific portals like 99 Acres and Magicbricks directly into your Kylas CRM. Kylas helps you manage your product cost and inventory through Arka integration. You can also manage and track your support tickets from within Kylas through Zendesk.

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