Kylas CRM for Manufacturing: Elevating Industry Excellence

More Orders with Kylas Manufacturing CRM

● Efficiently Manage New Inquiries ● Automate your sales processes. ● Capture inquiries from multiple    sources. ● Auto-assign leads and set reminders. ● Forecast revenue for every new    account.

Accurate Demand Forecasting

● Discover recurring trends. ● Eliminate guesswork in product    planning. ● Get product-wise revenue reports. ● Streamline production schedules    based on demand.

Manage Multiple Aspects of Your Sales Process

● Onboard all your teams on a single     platform. ● Access relevant client information. ● Build customizable pipelines. ● Gain comprehensive insights into    operations, inventory, orders, and    distribution.

Efficiently Manage all your Key Clients

● Access purchase history and buying    stages. ● Create personalized buying     journeys. ● Forecast key account performance.

Build Stronger Relationships with Clients

● Engage clients via calls, emails,    WhatsApp, and SMS ● Customize quotations and invoices. ● Resolve issues with ticketing system    integration. ● Keep track of warranty, repair, or    service issues.

Gain Detailed Insights into Your Business Performance

● Identify top-performing customer   channels. ● Analyze your sales team's    productivity. ● Discover your most popular    products. ● Uncover your highest-performing    inquiry channels.

Manage Your Field Sales Operations

● Track customer visits with Geo    check-in and check-out. ● Optimize bandwidth for more    efficient deal closures on the go.