Explore the Benefits of Integrating IVR with Your CRM

Wider Prospect Reach

● Manage and respond to a large    volume of incoming calls ● Ensure response to client attention ● Work flawlessly even in peak hours.

Improved Conversion Rate

● Tailor-made options to customise ● Refer history to promote service ● Tailored approach for greater    conversion.

Increases Team’s Productivity

● Reduces the burden on your    customer support ● Handling routine inquiries and data    collection automatically ● Decrease in call handling time ● Free up agents from repetitive tasks.

Increased Up-Sell and Cross-Sell Opportunities

● Refer history for promotion ● Helps in understanding the customer    journey ● Boosts revenue ● Maximise interaction value.

Better Sales Revenue & Management

● Provides valuable insights into    customer behaviour ● Make informed decisions ● Better lead prioritisation and    customer segmentation ● Better sales performance and    outcome.

Improved Customer Experience & Satisfaction

● Enhance the overall customer    experience ● Helps to provide relevant assistance ● Resolves issues quickly.