Kylas CRM for Digital Marketing Agencies

Efficiency Through Automation

● Automating key tasks to save time. ● Lead capturing from various sources. ● Routing leads to the right agents. ● Automation in audience    segmentation. ● Streamlining upselling and cross-    selling ● Analytics, reporting, and automation    benefits.

Effective Team Collaboration

● Collaboration across various teams. ● Importance of smooth    communication. ● Features: history, activity feeds, notes,    and comments. ● Task delegation for efficient    teamwork. ● Benefits of centralizing    communication.

Customization for Your Business Need

● The diverse nature of digital    marketing agencies. ● Customizable leads and deals    pipelines. ● Creating up to 40 pipeline stages. ● Comprehensive view and quick data    access. ● Tailoring Kylas CRM to your unique    requirements.

Data-Backed Decision Making

● The core role of customer    relationships. ● Automating and personalizing client    communication. ● Segmenting customer data for    insights. ● Increasing retention rates and    identifying opportunities. ● Efficient data management and    analysis. ● Making strategic data-backed    decisions for growth.