Customer Churn: Why Customers Leave and How to Prevent It

Wrong Customer-Product Fit

● Create a comprehensive buyer profile ● Set pre-defined lead criteria ● Train sales reps on the product’s use     cases ● Align your marketing content &    campaigns

Lack of Value-Addition

● Personalize onboarding as per     requirements ● Send informative content at every     stage ● Create an open resource library for     customers ● Provide a roadmap for the upcoming     features

High-End Pricing

● Identify and adopt the right pricing     strategy ● Create a transparent pricing policy ● Train sales reps to address price     concerns

Difficulty in Usage/ Purchase

● Modify complex aspects of product’s     functioning ● Publish articles and video tutorials ● Conduct surveys to make changes ● Research competitor’s products ● Set up a hassle-free and self-service     purchase process

Poor Customer Service & Support

● Be proactive with customers ● Make it easy to reach for support ● Ensure customer’s history for faster     resolution ● Have a dedicated POC for every     customer

Lack of Engagement

● Have an omni-channel approach ● Make personalized efforts ● Track responses for optimisation

Ignoring Feedback & Complaints

● Direct feedback collection ● Proactive concerns solving ● Inquire periodically solutions     to problems

The Competitor Factor 

● Research competitor’s practices ● Identify the competitive edge ● incorporate these aspects in service ● Highlight your USPs over your     competitors